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November 17 – 18 2012


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FITC Vancouver will be from November 17th and 18th in Vancouver, Canada. It will consist of 2 hands-on workshops, 14 informative presentations and panels as well as an evening networking event. They have put together a great group of speakers including James White (SignalNoise), Kyle MacDonald (, Grant Skinner (, Kevin Hoyt (Adobe) and many more. The speakers can all be viewed HERE.

Areas that will be covered are:

1) Creativity,

2) CSS3

3) Design

4) Open Source

5) HTML5

6) Windows8

7) CreateJS

8) Metro

9) Responsive Design
This event has been tailored for the digital creator (or aspiring one!). You can register HERE. Don’t forget to enter the 10% discount code: graphicdesign .