$200/ $100 Discount for GraphicDesign.com Readers to The Creative WorkShop in Dubai, Europe and New York

Event: The Creativity Workshop

Discount Code: GD2013

Discount Amount: $200 (Europe and Dubai) and $100 (New York)

The Creativity Workshop: Creative Writing, Drawing, Photography, Storytelling and Memoir has been attended by graphic designers from all over the globe since 1993. The Workshops take place in some of the most inspiring places in the world: New York City, Dubai, Barcelona, Istanbul, Prague, Florence, Crete, and Provence!

Upcoming Creativity Workshops:

• Dubai December 6 – 9

• Istanbul March 15 – 21
• Prague March 24 – 30
• New York April 5 – 8
• New York June 7 – 10
• Crete June 23 – 29
• Barcelona July 4 – 10
• Provence July 16 – 22
• Florence July 25 – 31
• New York August 16 – 19
• New York October 18 – 21

They are one of the few workshops that focuses wholly on helping writers and artists discover and immerse themselves in their own unique imaginations. They are able to cover a diversity of arts disciplines, including the commercial arts, because their focus is on the creator’s process, rather than the product.

The focus is on helping individuals develop their imagination, innovative thinking, access to inspiration and their creative process. They use techniques in creative writing, art, storytelling, free-form drawing, photography, map-making, and  guided visualization to accomplish these goals.
Attendees are taught from the point of view that playfulness and a supportive environment are the best ways to uncover the creative being in us all. They have worked with designers in all specialties and with corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, as well as small design studios.

To receive a discount of $200/$100 all you have to do is enter discount code GD2013. Simply go to www.creativityworkshop.com and select the workshop you wish to attend. You then simply need to enter GD2013 when registering.