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It has been an exciting couple of weeks here at! The Advisory Board is coming on amazingly well. With an enthusiastic team of people and with them coming from different areas of expertise it’s time for us to start the listening.

You will have noticed on this blog that we recently introduced a few of our newest board members including Debbie Millman, kHyal, Ilise Benun, Karl Heine, Von Glitschka and Ilene Strizver. Now with over 20 members on the board, they will lend advice prior and after the re-launch of! You can read our latest press release about the newest additions HERE.

So keep your eyes glued, over the next few months you won’t just see a new site. Re-launching a site is a process; it’s not something that can happen overnight. With a lot listening and hard work the site with time will serve the graphic design community in a positive way. Design layout to typography, from content to infographics, from marketing to strategy – there is a lot to do and we are working on it.

Many have probably noticed that we have upped our game with regards to our content. Articles are going up on a daily basis and more and more people have congratulated us on the quality of our articles and tutorials. This is thanks to our contributing writers who include Dave Bricker, Nat Coalson, Neil Tortorella, James George, Matt Cannon, Mirko Humbert, Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch, Preston Lee and Jo Gifford. You will see software tutorials to articles on company rebrands, general design related news to articles on digital photography, educational articles to career related ones. We are focused on providing outstanding news, information and opinion not only for people within the industry but also for those looking for a graphic design agency for example, or a student looking for his or her first graphic design job.

With a good team of contributing writers as well as a strong advisory board we are in an enviable position to not only launch a “good looking” new website but also successfully implement all the areas necessary to impact the graphic design industry in a positive way. It will take time but what an exciting new addition to the graphic design industry!

Working with the advisory board and writers is a real pleasure. It’s amazing how big of an industry the design world is, yet how small it is at the same time – everyone seems to know each other and everyone seems to recommend each other rather than work against one another! Here’s to an exciting and successful re-launch of!

If you are interested in seeing who the members of the advisory board are then you can take a look HERE. If anyone out there would like more information on how to be part of the advisory board then feel free to get in touch via email (Julia at graphic design dot com). Tell me a little bit about your experience and what you think you would bring to the table as a board member and I will be happy to discuss it further.