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The four-day event hosted by Adobe and Shapeways followed closely on the heels of Adobe’s announcement of 3D printing capabilities being introduced in Photoshop ® Creative Cloud , and served to showcase the breadth of 3D printing applications as well as underscore the potential creative and investment opportunities of 3D printing technology.

3D print show

My first stop was the gallery exhibit, where work from Adobe artists Paul Liaw, Francois Veraart and Tobias Klein along with Shapeways design contest winners was on display. There I spoke with Photoshop Product Manager Andy Lauta about why Adobe had decided to incorporate 3D printing into Photoshop and how 3D printing could be seen as “manufacturing on demand,” (or as I termed it “boutique production”).

Lauta said that there was a desire to “make 3D printing as easy as 2D printing” explaining that “earlier tools were cumbersome, difficult to learn and expensive,” he went on to add that it was not just about Adobe making 3D printing more accessible to artists, illustrators, graphic designers and other creatives; but partners Shapeways and Sketchfab as well.

As we spoke what struck me was the sheer variety of styles of work on display—whimsical figures, architectural inspired pieces and intricate sculptures—all 3D printed. Similarly, at the 3D fashion show laser cut bikinis and dresses shared the catwalk with collars, harnesses and headdresses. The scenarios Lauta gave where creatives might use 3D printing were equally varied—toys, product development, animation, architectural models, medical and consumer applications. The list seemed almost endless. Moving downstairs over 45 exhibitors lined the aisles, representing the spectrum of 3D software, hardware and services.


Fittingly, as 3D printing and other technologies become more accessible and affordable for the mainstream, Adobe has also announced they are committing over $300 million in software and professional development to the White House’s ConnectED initiative aimed at advancing digital learning in American schools.

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