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A while ago we introduced the new Adobe pricing plan, the Creative Cloud Membership, and compared it with the ordinary license price for the Adobe Creative Suite and individual products. In this poll article we are discussing the different features of the new pricing plan and its Pros and Cons. At the end of this comparison we provided poll questions to learn more about the readers’ feedback on the new Cloud Membership and if they think it solves many of their problems, such as the pricing and reliability.

Despite the dilemma and the conflict that many users face when trying to understand the new plan, many of them gave positive feedback in the poll, and in this follow-up article we will discuss the different opinions and some of the issues that sound confusing for some.

The Creative Cloud Membership results were biased toward purchasing the plan, as 63% of the total voters agreed that they would consider purchasing the plan and pay either $49.99 on the yearly payment plan or $74.99 per month instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the Creative Suite or even on an individual product.

Some of the comments have shown the confusion that many users still face when trying to understand how the Creative Cloud membership works. According to the Adobe Creative Cloud plans page, the members will have access to the following:

• Access to Adobe Master Collection applications, which includes most Adobe products
• Adobe Muse that allows you to create websites without coding and Adobe Edge that lets you create HTML5 animation

• File storage that ranges between 2G for the free account and 20G for the paid plan
• Publishing tools and resources, such as Typekit, web hosting tools and PDF creation

The Adobe Touch apps that run on iOS and Android devices are purchased separately and are not included in the plan. The option Adobe provides is that if you purchase any of these applications, you can get a free monthly Creative Cloud membership. You can learn about the Adobe Touch apps that are included in this offer here.

The Creative Cloud membership includes four main payment plans as follows:

Free plan, this plan gives you trial access to the application and only 2G of file storage. The Typekit is only limited to one site and 2 fonts with a maximum of 25,000 views. Also, it does not support the PDF creation service.

Intro Offer. If you already have a CS3 or later serial number, you can pay $29.99 per month. It requires an annual purchase to be eligible for this plan.

Annual plan. If you pay for your membership annually, it will cost you $49.99 per month.
Month-to-Month. You can pay for your membership on a monthly basis using this plan, which costs $74.99 per month.

Unlike with the Creative Suite and individual product licenses, you have to make sure that your membership is up and running in order to be able to use these applications and services.

When we asked about the pricing and our readers’ opinion about it, the results were quite different, as 52% of the readers find the price expensive. On the other hand, 41% of the readers find the price is fair and suitable. And 7% of the readers were satisfied saying that the price is inexpensive.

Some readers inquired about some specific products, such as Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse. While Edge cannot be purchased separately but only as part of the above plans, you can purchase Adobe Muse separately using either the Annual plan that costs $14.99 per month or the Month-to-Month plan that costs $24.99 per month.

Also, you can host your website using Adobe Business Catalyst using the Adobe Muse Basic web plan for $5.99/month or you can check other plans here.

In addition to the above results and feedback, there are other comments that are related to personal cases and experience with the new membership plans, such as issues with the installation using the Adobe Application Manager and some other issues. But overall, the Adobe Creative Cloud membership is a new pricing plan that may be useful for many who cannot afford paying hundreds of dollars as a one-time payment and adds more variety in purchasing options that you can choose from.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is still a brand new product that has been released with the new Adobe CS6 and many still have comments and feedback about it. These comments and feedback from the community are very important because they help to improve future versions.