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Adobe Creative Suite 6, the driving force behind the marketing industry recently released version CS6, which includes 19 applications and four different main suites to choose from. The design packaging was designed by Tolleson Design, who is also behind the design of CS4 and CS5. Adobe now offers what is likely to be an even more popular pricing option, the Adobe Creative Cloud, which also offers online storage, versioning, and sharing along with all the Master Collection of applications. All images are from the case study from Tolleson Design:









Starting at $29.99 a month for the first year for those updating from just about any version of Adobe CS3+, the Creative Cloud annual membership is $600 a year billed monthly or $75 a month on a month-to-month basis.

At those rates, Master Collection users would still be ahead of the $2,600 stand alone price after four years and would have access to all of Adobe’s online storage and some Creative Cloud specific options as well.







Adobe Creative Suite does more than just encourage users to think big — it empowers them to bring their boldest, most imaginative ideas to life. As we embarked on developing the Creative Suite experience for the revolutionary CS6 release, the challenge before us was to push the boundaries and channel our own bold ideas. We wanted to impact every touchpoint in the CS experience, so we proposed that Adobe look beyond software — celebrating the creative freedom of its users and the emotional power of the creative process. Being truly committed to creativity, Adobe embraced the idea.






“For the past three CS releases, Tolleson has worked closely with Adobe to build its brand architecture, taking a systematic approach to each release as well as its subsequent products. Because CS6 is groundbreaking, we knew that we had to respond in kind. Our solution: to construct a visual language rich enough to allow every product in the suite to express its personality. The striking imagery works in concert to tell a captivating story of boundless creativity and endless possibility.”





Adobe’s creative community spans the globe, so the CS6 story called for an international voice. We compiled a select team of seven impactful guest artists to collaborate with Tolleson and Adobe: Mizo (Japan/US), NonFormat (Norway/US), Autofuss (US), Oleg Dou (Russia), Alberto Seveso (Italy), Onformative (Germany) and Sergio Albiac (Spain).

Each artist’s pioneering work and unique technique complemented a specific Adobe product. In the end, Tolleson created more than 50 original pieces of art, each one a testament to the diversity and limitless imagination that CS6 empowers in users everywhere.

Tolleson Case Study

I do appreciate the risky, out of the box designs that Tolleson has come up with, but I can’t help but feel like I am looking at a graphic designers portfolio rather than a group of professional tools for creating cutting edge media. Filled with pictures of models under heavy graphical effects catches the eye, but it doesn’t really relate to the target market in any specific way.

It also fails to accomplish the goal of representing each product as a specific entity. I can’t tell much difference between Dreamweaver and Photoshop, for example, even though these programs are on two ends of the spectrum. Overall I think these ideas could have been executed differently but either way you look at it, these innovative designs are colorful, cutting edge, loud and hard to ignore. All images featured above came from the case study from Tolleson Design: