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These sections include an assortment of visual storytelling methods from animation, documentary, music video and narrative to poetry, photography, collage and collaboration. Entries are showcased on Adobe’s Aspire Awards website. Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) is a global initiative set up by the Adobe Foundation in order to “ignite creative confidence in youth by empowering them to find their voice and make it heard”.

Through programs such as this one young people can share their vision and develop new skills thus paving the way for future success in the creative world. Out of the many varied and inspirational entries there is a documentary entitled “The issue of ignorance”, an “Anti-Bullying PSA” narrative and a photo essay about “Stereotypes”.

Within the poster campaign segment is Isabela Bowden’s entry, “Confidence is Not a Number”. Isabela is a photographer, designer and student from San Francisco who wanted to raise awareness of eating disorders due to a close friend’s hospitalization for anorexia. This entry aims to educate society about the consequences of the pressure on girls to lose weight, and its striking presentation certainly conveys that all-important message of change.

“Hurtful Words” is another inspirational contribution in the list of finalists. Created by 16 year old Lauren Leung, this is an image of a teenager affected by the negativity of hurtful words, highlighting the notion that words ‘stick’.

A further example of the talent on display is Claire Brenner’s “Inspire” poster, which reaches out to the audience, proclaiming the need “spread your creativity”. Claire is 13 years old, describing herself as a “creative thinker who is interested in movies and filmmaking”. The balloons depicted in her design are particularly significant, where they symbolize individuals coming together as one group so as to create and inspire.

For winning creatives the prizes are; Adobe software, Samsung hardware, a trip to attend the 2013 Adobe Youth Voices Summit in San Jose, California and a charitable donation to a cause of their choice.

The Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards judges all bring their expertise to the contest and there are five types of judges, covering Adobe Representatives, Visionaries, Adobe Youth Voices Lead Educators, Adobe Youth Voices Youth and Institutions for Higher Learning. The judging panel are committed to supporting young people who want to work within the media to promote change.

Learn more about AYV HERE.