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ultimately they are all creators bringing their ideas to life. This is the idea behind Adobe’s “I am the New Creative,” campaign. Launched on January 20, “I am the New Creative” celebrates the talent and diversity of this community.

As part of the campaign over 40 profiles are featured on a new website powered by Behance. And, over the next few months a new creative will have their work showcased across Adobe’s social media channels, which includes over 100 social media properties.

Some of the exceptional creatives that have already been featured are Sergio Albiac, a digital artist, illustrator and video artist from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain; Joshua Davis, a coder, technologist and graphic designer from Mineola, New York; Sonia Dearling an illustrator, typographer and Graphic Designer from Pretoria, South Africa; Vault49, a typographic, digital and graphic design studio from New York City and Patrycja Podkościelny, a student, illustrator and character designer from Gdynia, Poland.

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We asked Adobe some questions to learn more about the campaign, plans for future and how our readers can become involved.

Q. What prompted Adobe to launch the campaign?

A. We see a shift in the creative world. Art directors are becoming animators. Print designers are becoming Web designers. Illustrators are also photographers and editors who also shoot film. Adobe re-conceived our offering for creative pros to reflect this fast-changing, always-connected reality. But we also wanted to celebrate the creators who really exemplify this new world. They are the New Creatives, and we want to share their work with the world.

Q. How has response been so far?

A. The response has been amazing. We find that this message really resonates with a huge number of creators. It feels like a movement, and we’ve had people write to us and express that with Adobe pushing the idea behind this ‘new creatives ethos,’ they feel more connected to a larger community of creatives. Millions of creatives have seen or shared the video, engaged with the New Creatives through social media, and many have submitted their own work for consideration to be included in the campaign.

Q. What would Adobe like to see come out of the campaign?

A. We want to showcase those users who step outside of their comfort zone and experiment. Hack, create, code, animate, push the boundaries of what they have previously thought was unattainable. It might be giant steps, like a videographer creating a film-based interactive and dynamic experience online, or it might be a little step, like a print designer or photographer creating an iPad app to showcase their work. In every case, they’re doing amazing things, and Adobe Creative Cloud is helping them get it done.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the selection process for the creatives highlighted?

A. We’ve benefitted from the fact that our Behance community is really part of the Creative Cloud, and we used that platform to source, review and select the creatives we put in our campaign. The wonderful thing about it is that the creative community itself is driving a meritocracy on Behance — creators from anywhere in the world can submit their work, and peers from anywhere in the world can “appreciate” that creative and send that message. We use community response as a key variable in deciding who to showcase. We also look for individuals that really illustrate what the “New Creatives” are about – cross media, boundary-bending work from every region, and every discipline.

Q. What aspect of the campaign do you think our readers will find most exciting?

A. I think this is an idea whose time has come. Every time Adobe releases a new app or a new feature, it gets that much easier to bring innovative ideas to life. That’s what the New Creatives are all about, and that’s what we should all be excited about: seeing what the community is going to do next.

View featured work from the “I am the New Creative” campaign or submit your own work to be considered here.