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When someone constantly dreams up new ideas for Apple as a personal hobby, posts them on the web and eventually they get hired to implement those new ideas, new doors open for all including the end user.

Jan-Michael Cart is a 20-something media arts student at The University of Georgia. He has recently created many Apple iOS conceptual designs and videos expressing new UI, apps, and new ways that he thinks Apple OS X products can improve from a user standpoint. He creates mockups of some of the works but normally makes intuitive videos to demonstrate all of his ideas, staying much in the white background, hip song – Apple commercial feel.

Some other notable ideas that Cart has presented for iOS 5 are Implementing Widgets, Dynamic Icons, Concept UI improvements, and a Lion-Style Dashboard, just to name a few.

He is probably most well known for his iMessage Concept, which would integrate the new features with Mac OS X bringing new functionality such as receiving messages in real-time on all devices at once. Watch the short YouTube Video HERE.

Cart even teamed up with MacRumors to produce the “iOS assistant” based on rumors about Siri. They seemed to have “predicted” how Siri would look and function in this “iOS 5 Assistant” conceptual video HERE. The look and feel of the actual Siri makes you wonder if Apple was taking notes on this video and keeping Cart’s resume on file for the future! Either that, or Cart is really, really good at piecing together rumors about an app and transforming it into a beautiful, functional concept! Either way, he’s making all the right moves.

Most recently, Cart released his take on the iOS 5 Notifications Center which includes engaging new ideas such as a new status bar badge, collapsible notifications, customizable widgets for quick access to certain features on different apps and also a non-intrusive incoming call notification that resembles the current text notification styles. See YouTube video.

These seem to be the concepts have landed Cart at Apples Cupertino Campus where he will spend the next 7 months as a UI/UX Design intern.

And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!

– John Michael Cart

This is not the first time Apple has hired someone based off of conceptual ideas.
This past summer, the brains behind the popular app MobileNotifier (a Jailbreak App), Developer Peter Hajas was picked up for an internship at Apple’s Headquarters as well. In addition, Apple also previously hired Rich Dellinger, who is well known on the Internet as The Father of WebOS notifications. It is also rumored that Peter Hajas was hired to work on the new notification system as well back in June, I can only assume that is what Dellinger is working on as well. It sounds like they are starting a new UI dream team over there in the Bay Area, who knows!

Apple has always been on the cutting edge and on the verge of revolutionary ideas, so what is so different about hiring this type of employee? What does this mean for Apple? It means fresh, new ideas, straight from end users themselves. It really doesn’t get much more personal and intuitive than that from a user experience standpoint!

It will be really exciting to see what new feature concepts actually end up taking off in the future thanks to this new outlet of brainstormers that Apple is picking up. It’s nice to know that not only is Apple revolutionizing our lives through their products, but they are also listening close to our ideas.

To see more of Cart’s conceptual videos be sure to visit his Official YouTube Channel