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The Aspen Institute hosts the Aspen Ideas Festival, a weeklong event that includes discussions, seminars, panels, and tutorials for respected creatives. Writers, designers, innovators, politicians, diplomats, judges, artists, and more attend the festival to cover a number of global topics. (Press Release)

The 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival closed by introducing a new logo and visual system for its 10th anniversary in 2014, designed by New York-based Infinia Group.

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Founded in 2003 by Ron Cappello, Infinia merges the disciplines of research, strategy, creative expression and implementation to help create business breakthroughs. Employing a unique approach called Informed Collaboration, the firm is able to create valuable ideas, content and experiences for clients.

The final logo design reflects the multiplicity and variety of the intellectual forum. The leaf symbolizes and salutes a decade of bringing ideas together to build a more interesting world. The new mark was launched at the 2013 Festival in a brief animation, while a postcard campaign encouraged participants to post their thoughts on how best to fete the new decade of dynamic, constructive thinking. (Case Study)

The festival’s new mark has a life of its own and can set the not-for-profit festival apart from any other Aspen event. It symbolizes diversity and the convergence of various ideas. It is a memorable mark that can help to turn over a new leaf for the Aspen Ideas Festival. It will be the logo represented on the clothing, branding, and memorabilia for the 2014 event and beyond.

Ron Cappello, Infinia’s CEO, commented: “The new mark acknowledges the established Aspen Leaf identity of the Aspen Institute, while reflecting the digital building blocks that increasingly facilitate communications and connections — in short, the intellectual exchanges and relationships that characterize and distinguish the Festival’s two sessions.”

“We looked at the AIF peer group and worked hard to craft something that was true to the spirit of the Festival,” continued Cappello. “The final design is both modern and organic, reflecting the multiplicity and the efforts of the participants and the organizers, bringing ideas together to build a more interesting world. We’re proud to play a part in that.” (Press Release)

Kitty Boone, the Ideas Festival Director had this to say about the new logo: “We wanted to have something that celebrated the past ten years, while symbolizing the next ten. Infinia’s design strikes a wonderful balance, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“The decision was not an easy one, since Infinia presented ten wonderful options,” added Boone. “Each told a compelling story, but the “digital leaf” ultimately best complemented the brand of the Aspen Institute and the notion of ideas, creativity, innovation, and ultimately, festivity.” (Press Release)