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2b stores are located throughout the United States and Canada. 2b was launched in 2009 to provide a more affordable option for a younger demographic. (Press Release)

2b is bebe’s outlet division offering trendy, high-quality items designed for the confident, budget-conscious, and style-savvy woman, all for unexpectedly low prices. 2b’s designs are ideal for fashion addicts on a budget. It is a one-stop shop to find the best apparel and accessories to clothe a woman from head to toe. (Source)

1 2b before after

Bebe stores have made a number of significant changes following the appointment of Michelle Landgrebe as Executive Vice President, General Merchandising Manager of its 2b division. Ms. Landgrebe is responsible for merchandising, design, production, planning and allocation, and visual merchandising. She has over 20 years of top-level specialty retail and wholesale experience for an impressive number of fashion conglomerates.

She reports to Steve Birkhold, the recently appointed CEO of bebe stores, inc. He had the following to say about her abilities: “She has a long track record of building businesses and driving results. Her talents and leadership abilities will help take the 2b brand to a whole new level.”

Ms. Landgrebe expressed her hopes for the brand: “I have been a fan of the bebe for years and I have a passion for reaching the young, fashion-obsessed customer that 2b attracts. I am eager to build on the division’s current DNA, broaden our reach and position our brand for growth.”

These changes to management have revolutionized the brand, making it more attractive to 2b’s growing consumer base. The fashion friendly new logo is a hit with consumers and makes the brand instantly recognizable. The new logo can stand on its own merit and discern itself from bebe. (Press Release)

2b was once just the outlet store for bebe, but is now a stylish store unlike any other. They have focused on bridging the gap between the mother-daughter fashion divide, allowing them to establish a wholly independent brand. With the rise of 2b, complete with a booming retail and ecommerce operation, and a line of its own clothes to replace its bebe inventory, 2b needed to rebrand and create a voice and identity all its own.

To complete the task, they turned to renowned creative agency, Tolleson. The relaunch unveiled an entirely new visual identity, including updated logos, typography, photo styling, online presence, shopping bags, labels, retail store branding, and even a new tone and voice that would appeal to both moms and teens. This has created an entirely new retail experience for customers.

The 2b woman was Tolleson’s muse as the studio engaged in an expansive discovery process. They embraced 2b’s fun and flirty fashion sensibility, but maintained the brand’s signature heart icon and color pink. They simply updated and improved the mark by transforming the once ordinary “B” into a unique sideways heart image. (Case Study)