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Who says there are no second chances? For those who may have missed it the first time, Behance Portfolio Review Week is back! In May 2012, online creative platform Behance held its first ever Portfolio Review Week, where Behance members who may have only met previously online, gathered over seven days to “present and get feedback on their work, hear from experienced professionals, and meet their local creative community.” With over 153 reviews held in 43 countries around the world it’s safe to say that it was well received.

The excitement extended online as participants representing 42 creative fields, including designers, illustrators and photographers shared their experience, posting over 2,000 tweets along with Instagram images and video. The infographic presented shows the breadth of community reaction. “Last time around, we were blown away by the quality and scope of the events.” said Behance Community Manager, Sarah Rapp.

We asked, what, if anything would be different about the reviews this time around? Rapp replied, “The first time around, each Portfolio Review event had 5 presenters show their work and get feedback from the audience of creatives. The feedback we got from the events was great—in fact, more people wanted to be able to show their work. This time around, we reformatted the events so that everyone will get to present their work and get feedback. By forming small review groups led by leaders in the industry, everyone who attends will be able to leave the event with personalized feedback about their work.”

In the empowering spirit typical of Behance, portfolio reviews are “organized by members for members.” If the idea of organizing a review causes you to break out in cold sweat, don’t worry, Behance provides some support including a newly updated review page outlining the review format and an event kit to help you on review day. In fact, regular readers may recall that I hosted one myself and shared my experiences in a previous article. Of course, you can always just sign up to attend a review as well. Or, even do both.

One of the remarkable things about the reviews is that despite having the same format each has its own unique character since different members in different locations organize them. “Check out photos and video on Flickr, Vimeo, and Pinterest to see what I mean. You can also read my interview with Rapp where she explains how the idea for Behance Portfolio Review originated here.

The next Behance Portfolio Review will take place October 29–November 5, 2012. To sign up or for more information visit Hope to see you at one!