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Technology and graphic design are closely intertwined. With each new advance of hardware or software, graphic design evolves. An exciting new advancement for book and graphic publishers was announced last week by Blurb. Blurb is a San Francisco based firm that is dedicated to creating a platform for artists to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality books independent of traditional outside sources. They are attempting to allow a self-publishing and marketing platform intended to unleash the artistic potential inside everyone.

iPad and iOS platform

Blurb’s foray into publishing ebooks for Apple’s iPad and iPhone is exciting for designers for its graphic capabilities and ease of use. The new Blurb ebooks are visually stunning and can be optimized to easily display images and text on Apple devices.

The Blurb software allows any book created through Blurb’s bookmaking tools, Booksmart and Bookify, to be output as an ebook with just a click of the button. The Blurb software employs the Apple iOS technology for both the iPad and iPhone.

Founder’s Thoughts

Blurb’s founder and CEO Eileen Gittins excitedly shares “This is not just an ebook offering, it’s way more than that.

Blurb now lets authors create their book once and then output their book to either print or ebook formats, from the same file, quickly and automatically.

Fans and customers can then buy whichever version they prefer at the Blurb bookstore. That’s game-changing. Plus there’s more to come.

Step Forward

This is a big step forward for authors who wanted to self-publish who until now had to hire a software developer to produce their visually rich ebooks, costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars and taking many additional weeks.

The Blurb ebook software converts your files automatically, costing $1.99 per download. The process is quick and affordable, thus saving authors tremendous extra effort, time and money.

With Blurb ebooks, one can transform your books with one click. There are tremendous design and interaction advantages by using the Apple iOS technology; including creating and publishing your two-page spreads, pinch and zoom capabilities with uncompressed images, and no quality reductions in your visual experience.


When viewed on the iPad, you see a two page opened book spread that is easy to flip through and graphically rich. One can search text or zoom in on full-resolution images.

Like all Blurb books, ebooks can be listed for sale at the Blurb bookstore. Authors can set their own price and keep 100% of the mark-up from sales.

The Future for Designers

Blurb isn’t sitting still either. They are working to allow book creators to convert books made with their PDF to Book workflow. Blurb also intends to roll out additional software enhancements and an even easier ways to distribute and market your future Blurb created ebooks.

Graphic designers who dreamed of creating their own coffee table book and ebook; whether it be their portfolio or a particularly large project can now do so affordably. Blurb takes care of the behind-the-scenes work, faithfully transforming your creation into an ebook.