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As well as his role within Studio Lost & Found, Daniel also works as a sessional lecturer in the Master of Communication Design program at RMIT University, passing on the extensive knowledge and experience he has gained in strategic brand development.

Rebecca McKeating began her career as a chartered accountant, before using this business acumen for the management of Lost & Found. Rebecca’s commercial experience includes previous employment as the financial controller of two Margaret River wineries. In addition, Rebecca has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Corporate Administration) from Curtin University, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

L & F Portrait Photo | Studio Lost & Found

KDW Reserve (Front) Knee Deep is an award-winning winery and restaurant based in Wilyabrup, Margaret River, Western Australia | Studio Lost & Found

KDW Reserve (Back) Knee Deep is an award-winning winery and restaurant based in Wilyabrup, Margaret River, Western Australia | Studio Lost & Found

As a combined force, Daniel and Rebecca use their individual skill-sets to provide a service for clients that offers strategy, creativity and a strong commercial viewpoint. This is a mantra applied to their recent collaboration with Knee Deep Wines, which they describe as a project involving “market research, strategic planning, brand identity design, packaging design, illustration, and production supervision.”

We talked to Daniel and Rebecca to find out more about Studio Lost & Found…

Tell us about the work of Lost & Found?

Founded by Daniel and Rebecca McKeating in 2008, Studio Lost & Found is a brand development consultancy that specializes in food and beverage related projects.

We believe that a brand is not a logo, but rather the perception that exists in a person’s mind about a product, service, or company. We follow a strategic process for all of our projects, which can be distilled into three stages: market research, strategic planning, and design.

We work closely with our clients to challenge and inspire ideas for their business, and to help them define how they would like to be perceived by their customers. We then help them to influence this perception at every opportunity. We don’t design for ourselves, or even for our clients – we design with our client’s objectives and target customers in mind.

UBC Business Card | Studio Lost & Found

What was the design brief for your recent ‘Knee Deep’ project?

Knee Deep came to us because they were concerned that their existing packaging failed to capture the essence of their brand.

We conducted market research to gain some objective insights into how the Knee Deep brand was perceived in the marketplace in its current form. The research findings revealed that wine consumers struggled to tell the difference between their entry-level, mid-tier, and reserve tier product ranges. The mid-tier and reserve tier wines were of particular concern – the vast majority of consumers perceived these wines to be of much lower value than their recommended retail price.

We also conducted a number of strategic planning workshops with the Knee Deep management team to achieve consensus about the future direction and desired marketplace perception for the brand.

The market research and strategic planning processes helped us to develop the creative brief with the client, which was to:

1. Visually differentiate between the three product tiers;
2. More effectively communicate the appropriate price points for each tier, and;
3. Convey the brand’s essence, personality, and unique points-of-difference.

Where did you find the inspiration for this particular project?

Our inspiration for the project came from the amazing wines, the talented and dedicated Knee Deep team, and the award-winning cellar door / restaurant.

Additional inspiration came from the market research, category analysis, and strategic planning that was conducted prior to the redesign. This helped us to identify Knee Deep’s key differentiating attributes, all of which inspired the choices that we ultimately made regarding the ideas, illustration styles, typography, glass, and print finishes.

UBC Coffee Cup | Studio Lost & Found

Do you feel that the re-brand will successfully impact upon Knee Deep’s position in the marketplace?

We are confident that the re-design will have a positive impact on Knee Deep’s position in the marketplace. The new packaging has received a lot of positive feedback over the last 12 months, and the work has been featured on a number of highly-regarded packaging design websites, including Lovely Package and Packaging of the World.

At some stage in the next 6 – 12 months we’d like to conduct a follow-up market research study to determine how the redesign has impacted the way that consumers perceive the Knee Deep brand. We’re confident that the results will be very positive, but as with any business, brand management isn’t something that one can set and forget; it’s an ongoing process that involves continual refinement and improvement. Brands need constant love, care, and attention!

The Bowerbird Collective | Studio Lost & Found

Evidently, Studio Lost & Found are a creative force to be reckoned with, a team whose skills and experience complement each other precisely, allowing design perfection. This is clearly the case in their Knee Deep assignment where Daniel was at the helm with the brand identity and packaging design, whilst Rebecca organized the business and commercial angle. Furthermore, the illustrations used on the Knee Deep packaging are the culmination of a design partnership between Daniel and Tokyo-based illustrator, Skye Ogden.

Our interview has brought us a fantastic insight into Studio Lost & Found and we now eagerly await their next venture…

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The Bowerbird Collective | Studio Lost & Found

The Bowerbird Collective | Studio Lost & Found