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Build is a design and illustration agency based in London who have just completed a short film for Nokia (NYSE:NOK), the mobile phone technology giants. The film illustrates the benefits of Near Field Communications Technology, (tapping on device onto another in a similar way to Oyster cards in the UK), and featured the work of seven young illustrators who were discovered from the Summer graduate showcases.

The featured up and coming illustrators are: Nina Cosford, Tom Edwards, Sam Falconer, Pete Gamlen, Sam Hawkins, Hannah Rowlands, Aaron Vohra, and Joe Luxton, with cat portraits by Jason Tozer.

Build is an agency run by husband and wife team Michael and Nicky Place in Walthamstow, north London. Michael, the Creative Director, studied Graphic Design at Newcastle College from 1988—1990 and “makes no secret of the fact that he left early to follow his dream of designing record sleeves.” (via His later work with influential graphics studio The Designers Republic in Sheffield (tDR), became some of the most well known works of the group during the 1990’s. He set up Build in 2001 after a year away from the design world traveling, and in 2006 wife Nicky joined as full time Business Director. Michael has been a judge of the renowned industry D&AD awards and speaks at conferences all over the world.

Build’s approach is to make “abstract concepts tangible, visible and understandable” (via; they state belief in “the power of good design” and that “Design can influence people, change lives and make things better”.

The short film for Nokia is 34 seconds long and uses colorful, impactful typography and illustrations from the seven featured artists to convey and re-iterate the Near Field Communication message with a script by Nicola Place and Nick Asbury. It is a fast moving and short cut animation with the artists’ response to the script and their individual interpretations animated together.

An accompanying film by Build shows footage of some of the artists talking about their illustrations. Such contributions from Amanda Moorby at D&AD and Patrick Burgoyne of Creative Review led by Michael Place.

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Image via Creative Review.