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6. Handwriting Changes of Contact Information on Old Cards

Giving a card to someone with an updated change in handwriting not only destroys and pollutes the design of your card it also shows a lot about your business ethics. People will automatically assume that you procrastinate and “Design New Business Cards” has been lingering on your to-do list for too long.

Make sure you have new ones with the new information clearly noted. Otherwise, you create the impression that you are someone who tends to procrastinate – even about updating your own business cards!

7. Using a Photo of Yourself

Unless you are an actor or are trying to get a job in the entertainment industry where your face is a factor, leave this out or your card might just end up looking a bit cheesy! Try creating a character of yourself or a sketch to add a fun and creative element to the card.

8. Inconsistent with branding

It all comes down to creating brand recognition. If you have a black and white business card and your branding relies on neon colors the customer will feel like they just entered two separate entities rather than a unique brand experience that you have offered them.

9. Contact Information Fiasco

You can have the best business card design in the world but with lack of contact information this could really hurt you. In this day and age, only a phone number will probably hurt you as many people want to make initial contact via email or other means of networking. This is also a problem if you leave out social links. Links to social media sites – If you use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to attract people to your brand, is a great way to encourage more fans and followers. Simply by letting people know how to find you and make quick connections. Can’t find the space? See #10 below. Finally, don’t forget the importance of a custom link. If you add a email address to your card it automatically reduces credibility and can make you seem amateur.

10. One Sided Cards

Some people like to keep the back of the card empty so that they can write important information on it, or maybe because they were too cheap. Try putting a logo and a tagline on the back to add charm to your business or service and most importantly not leaving your potential client in the dark. Think of it as your fancy book cover to your amazing novel, it will help sell your product and we know people love to judge a book by its cover. After all, this is 50% of your card we are talking about.