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First opened in 1975 as a fun Dallas burger joint, Chili’s restaurant has become a standard amongst popular American restaurant chains. The franchise has begun to unveil a newly redesigned iconic chili pepper logo and new restaurant interior designs. The new mark, designed by San Francisco based Tesser, is a redesign of the previous Chili icon with a slick new Sari typeface for the letter S. The origins of FF Sari date back to 1983 when Hans Reichel made his first typeface for a well-known Berlin foundry, under the tutelage of Günter Gerhard Lange.

That early work was a prologue to the graphic sensibility and originality, which would later guide Reichel in making the FF Dax family. FF Sari is based on the same ideas as the early typeface but is completely redrawn and extended.


Tesser’s main project scope included strategy, identity, retail design and packaging, and graphic design.

Here’s their case study snippet:

Opportunity: The time had come for this iconic global brand to evolve their logo and store design.
Solution: Tesser was called in to rebrand their identity and remodel the Chili’s stores. Tesser blended the company’s authentic Texas roots with contemporary adult appeal, and a less cartoony feel. The revitalized brand, and one of consumer’s top 15 casual dining restaurants, is capturing new customers while re-engaging their existing fans to visit more often. The new look will appear in 61 locations across the United States. The logo has been out since last year, but the brand application is now finding its way into the mainstream.


Here’s a look at some existing marketing material with the new mark.




According to The New York Times, the Company is focusing on boldness. “We want to play up the boldness of the brand,” said Krista Gibson, senior vice president for brand strategy at Brinker International, Chili’s parent company, about the new spot, which is scheduled for an Oct. 3 premiere. “How he behaves is bold, how she behaves is bold, and the food we’re featuring in the spot is boldly flavored.”


Along with the advertising campaign, Chili’s newest plans for spicing up its brand include new menu items, a new logo, and a redesign for restaurants that was recently completed in 61 of the 1,299 Chili’s outlets in the Unites States. An additional 240 operate abroad. Chili’s, which declined to reveal the cost of the campaign, spent $125.3 million on advertising in 2010, less than Olive Garden, $162 million; Applebee’s, $147.9 million; and Red Lobster, $129.8 million, according to Kantar Media, a unit of WPP.

NY Times


Here are some of the interior details and a closer look at the brand application from the Chili’s remodel Site: with a bold, new look. We’re creating fresh, spacious atmospheres and highlighting our southwestern heritage at locations around the country.



Every seat just became the best seat in the house. Our flat screens are now bigger than ever and can be seen from anywhere in the bar or dining area.


New lighting, new seating and new wood tables give our dining rooms a bright, spacious feeling. That means more room to kick back. Heads up! Changes are happening inside and out with bold new awning designs and an updated pepper logo.


A strong, new color palette, bold artwork and wooden wall accents evoke our proud Southwestern heritage. Because, where we come from, tradition is everything.