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Coca-Cola has joined forces with design platform Blank You Very Much in order to launch an exciting competition which is exclusive to the U.S. Entrants are invited to re-invent the brand’s famous logo with the winner’s creation being incorporated into a limited edition t-shirt. In addition, prize money of $5,000 will be awarded. Although designers must adhere to some strict guidelines, this event offers Coca-Cola fans the opportunity to put their own stamp on a global name. Rules include:

• The Coca-Cola logo can only be produced in Red and White
• The logo must not be cropped
• No international logos or flags may be used
• The design theme should reflect a balanced, healthy lifestyle
• All designs must be targeted to a 12 years and older demographic

Coca-Cola-Image1.jpgBYVM X Coca-Cola
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Coca-Cola is the most famous drinks brand in the world with a logo that is instantly recognizable across the 200 countries in which it is sold. Trademarked in 1887, the logo’s distinctive look reflects the company’s corporate identity.

Blank You Very Much is an online apparel retailer who manufacture and sell graphic apparel. Partnering with iconic brands, they “blank” out logos before challenging individuals “to design them in a new way”. Competitions like this allow creatives to showcase their work within several stages. The process consists of- public votes, the people choice award and the judges choice award, before finally culminating in limited edition products such as the Coca-Cola t-shirt.

Blank You Very Much boasts an impressive judging panel which is made up of athletes, historical figures, artists, tastemakers, creative executives and general trendsetters in their chosen industry. The judges are; Nitrolicious, LAMJC, Jared Flint, Bobby Hundreds, Keith Hufnagel, Bert Rodriguez, Pele, Dee & Ricky, Craig “KR” Costello and DRx. From contemporary visual artist Rodriguez to soccer star Pele, the panel members cover a broad range of expertise. As detailed, if you are to win a contest, “not only will you receive an amazing prize, but you will become a legend in the BYVM community”.

This collaboration provides entrants with the chance to become a part of the rich history of Coca-Cola whilst also gaining the high accolade of being a BYVM winner. See some of the entries so far over on BYVM’s website.

The deadline for entries into the competition is October 29th, 2012. More information is available HERE.