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In this article, we will continue to explore the rules of design in our everyday life, namely in creative furniture design ideas. Furniture design is a branch of product design with a unique design process that may look a little bit different from others. The furniture design process starts with a research stage where the designer starts to gather information about the user experience, previous designs, and the problems that its users had to face when using the design.

This research gives the designer an idea about the characteristics, what to consider, and the problems that should be solved in the design.

After doing the research and collecting the required information, the drafting of the design concept starts. At this stage, the designer starts to think about the idea and creates a draft on paper or computer. Although the designer may reach the final idea while doing the research, this step is crucial to visualize the draft idea. Designers can also get team ideas through brainstorming sessions.

Once the designer finishes the draft idea, the scale model phase starts by creating a small model of the furniture design. This small model can help the designer to learn more about the problems of the design and think about the different materials that should be used in the design.

After creating the scale model, the designer creates the prototype, which is a real scale model of the original product. It is also known as the to-scale step. In this step, the design is reviewed and prepared for the production process. This step is followed by the testing phase, which lets the designer or the design team test the product and make sure it is ready for industrial production.

Finally, the presentation step follows, which includes showing the product to the client, getting feedback, and then sending the product to the final production.

After reviewing the furniture design process, let us review some creative and unique furniture design ideas created by design students and furniture designers from around the world.

Melt Mug

This school project was created by the Slovakian designer, Lenka Czereova. Inspired by the idea of milk filling up the mug and overflowing. Although the idea is very creative, the only issue in this project the designer did not consider is the heat while holding the mug.

furniture design 01

Sculpture Carbon Chair

This creative chair design is very usable and comfortable for the user. The design of the back of the chair makes it suitable for many purposes, such as work, dinner tables, etc.


Dog Table

Fajno from Belarus created this unique table design idea inspired by the posture of a sitting dog. The table can be folded and moved easily to any place around the house. Also, it is a funny design that makes it suitable for kids’ rooms.


Chopped Tree Bookshelf

Sometimes you would like to put some of your most frequently used books in a handy place that you can reach easily. This movable tree-like bookshelf is made of four parts that are connected to each other. The design was inspired by the shape of a tree trunk.


Light Drops Table

This table, designed by Daniel Johan from Sweden, was inspired by water drops with light added to illustrate the drops inside the table’s curves. The table is made of bent plywood.



This chair design is based on simple two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden shapes arranged in a large crystal shape.


Iris Pendant Light

The Iris Pendant light consists of curved leaves that produce a shadow on the walls when the light is on. This light design suits large spaces.


Groovy Bubbles

Unlike ordinary shelves, Mar Navarro from Spain provides a unique and creative idea for a wall shelf with round holes in it. The storage spaces appear with different diameters and the shelf is made of polypropylene with glossy finish.


Openaire – Laptop Workstation

Nick Trincia researched the different situations that laptop users face, especially when they are away from their offices. Based on the results of this research, he created this impressive product idea.

The idea is simple, a laptop bag that can be unfolded into a mobile laptop table. It even has a cover that can function as a small chair for use in gardens and open spaces.


Décor Type

Décor project is one of the unique ideas that reflect how we can use typography in different ways than we do every day. In this project, Claudio Sotto from Italy created chairs inspired by the Garamond font.


Modular Shelving Unit

For a unique shelf idea, Maria Yasko from Russia provides a different approach to shelf layout and arrangement. The design is based on two simple units, a horizontal shelf part and a curve that connects the shelves together. This idea can be adapted to different spaces and décor styles.


Ready-Made Furniture

Max Kuwertz, a designer from Germany, creates home furniture from various objects around us. His creative approach shows a relative relationship between the different elements in our life and how we can use them in totally different ways.


Floor Lamp

The floor lamp is a cube of wood created by connecting squares to each other with some space between each two squares. This is the space where the light can flow outside from the inside of the lamp. This creative lamp produces dramatic warm light in the space.


Tetris Furniture

This piece of furniture was inspired by the old Tetris game and consists of 26 drawers, a table, and two benches. You can open it based on the space or the design you would like to display in the room.


Vessel Chair

Fenson Meng from Taiwan found the inspiration for his chair in the vessels of the human body. The mesh that the vessels create through the body can be a good inspiration for a chair that has vessels instead of legs.