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Furthermore, creative package designs attract customers to check out the products and pick them up from the store shelves. While there are many competing products in the market, a unique package design can make your product stand out from the crowd, especially when this unique design is supported by creative functionality and sustainable analytics for a better customer experience.

Before you start with product package design, you have to keep in mind a few aspects that will significantly affect your design idea. Here are some questions you should consider:

Who is your target audience?

Is the product targeted for men, women, or both? What is the customer age range? Demographic information about your consumers will help you to choose the right style, color, and theme for your package design. For example, products for women should use feminine colors such as pink or purple. On the other hand, products that are targeted to children should use bright colors and attractive shapes.

What is the main feature of the product?

Usually, the main feature of a product is its most powerful marketing point. You should consider placing emphasis on this feature in your package or label design.

What is the price of the final product?

The product price should stay competitive with other similar products in the market. Thus, you need to choose the design and packaging materials that fall within the estimated price range, otherwise you will end up with a package cost that exceeds the estimated total product cost.

Who are your competitors?

Do not forget to analyze your competitors in the market, such as the competitor’s package design, price, market, customer satisfaction, and feedback on the product. One of the useful methods to get information is to ask the retail shoppers about each competitor product and what they think about them.

How unique is your package design?

After analyzing your consumers and competitors in the market, you should have a clear vision about the package design requirements and how you want it to stand out from similar products. This clear vision helps you to start making the outline for your package idea.

How will the package design interact with the marketing campaign?

Obviously, the process of creating a package design is an initial part of the marketing and production process. Therefore, a package designer should collaborate with the marketing team to make sure that the final design matches the requirements of the specific marketing campaign.

Is the message clear on the package?

As a part of the marketing campaign, the package design should include some information about the product. Usually, consumers only spend a few seconds to review each product on the shelves, therefore, you need to choose your words wisely and use as few words as possible to represent the product.

Also, you need to consider using an attractive design for the text that you would like to emphasize when you are designing the package label.

In addition to the tips above, it is important to see and learn from the different package designs around the world, and the Internet leaves no excuse for this. You can view as many ideas as you need to start fueling your own mind with creative concepts.

In the examples below, you will find some creative package design ideas that can be good examples of the above-mentioned tips. Some of the designs are for real products, while others are still design projects.

Gigs 2 Go

Gigs 2 Go is a concept project to share files and digital data on the go using this unique design concept. This creative USB flash drive pack is made of molded paper pulp and it is as small as a credit card. This package design is environment-friendly because it is made from recycled paper. Additionally, you do not need to worry if you have lost one of the flash drives, as the package includes four tabs with a USB drive in each one. This design has been created by BOLTgroup.

Małopolska’s Red Corals Box

This package includes a necklace of red corals in a very creative way, as it does not only hold the red coral necklace, but also lets the corals appear on the package cover as part of the overall design. This design has been created by Studio Otwarte, Poland.

Nail Packaging

I believe this is one of the most creative package design ideas both from a design and functionality perspective. It solves the hard access to nails by providing a hanging package where users can easily reach each nail in the pack. The designer behind this concept is Melissa Archer, USA.

Milk Package

While I believe this package may not function well or isn’t easy to use, implementing the product’s name as the shape of the package is a very unique idea that can be used in different ways. This design has been created by Visual Advice.

Graffiti Remover

The layout design for this package was inspired by its main function as a graffiti remover. The package has been designed by Casandra Straus.


This peppermint package was inspired by the U.S. dollar. You can notice this in the layout and how the peppermint is arranged inside the package. Design by Cory Etzkorn.

Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

Jambox is a Bluetooth speaker and its package was inspired by the music tape player of the 80’s. The design on the package is printed using the silkscreen and includes a message (That was then…This is now) to contrast the past and the present of music culture. Design by Fuse Project, USA.

Bite Me Chocolate Package

Bite Me chocolate package is based on the concept of the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate. The package design does not include any ink prints as it relies on embossing and die cutting technologies. Design by Vasily Kassab.


This beer package is made of recycled paper and provides a creative solution for holding multiple beer cans. Design by Ivan Maximov, Russia.

Wedding Invitation Package

This package design is for a wedding invitation. Unlike ordinary paper invitations, this idea is based on using a can that includes the details of the invitation and a string. You can tie the string in the can and give it to the bride to attach it to the back of the wedding car. Design by Chris Trivizas, Greece.


Mouse Graphics, a Greek design agency, designed this food package to match the client’s expectation of an elegant, yet simple design idea that can be implemented in different food products, such as flour, pasta, etc.

DYNAMITE Sausage Package

Dynamite is a sausage package idea designed by M.I.L.K Food Design and Innovation Lab, a German design agency. The concept is based on their chili-flavored sausage.

Bzzz All-wood Packaging

This wood-based package was developed to hold honeypots. The initial design for this package was created by Backbone Creative, an Armenian agency, as a gift for VIP banking clients in Russia.

Tea Package Design

This package design is a concept idea visualized using 3D modeling. It is mainly used as a package for tea bags.

Classic Muscle Packaging

These bottle designs provide a creative and unique concept for training supplements using a classic and rusted style design.