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AT&T presents Daybreak, an online initiative created with the help of BBDO New York and producer Tim Kring. Designed to showcase five online films, uses this cinematic series to provide a new experience for viewers, telling a story via a variety of multimedia techniques. In addition to the five films, two websites and a smartphone app allow exploration of this exciting and elaborate journey. The multi-layered depiction tells the story of a dodecahedron which is a 12 sided die.

The Fox series Touch began this script as a television drama developed by Tim Kring and starring Kiefer Sutherland. The concept of the dodecahedron is that of a mysterious object that is a central theme within the series. In Touch the dodecahedron was introduced in the final three episodes of the program – the progression into Daybreak continues this narrative whilst adding new twists.


Main character Ben Wilkins is central to a global conspiracy and he needs to use technology provided by AT&T in order to return the dodecahedron to where it belongs. The Jack Boxers, an underground group, join Wilkins on his quest, providing the character with valuable allies to face the power struggle he is up against in his mission. This thread of the story is covered by, a site that provides the same interaction and bonus storyline content as Both websites allow fans to communicate with other followers and gain new insight into the character’s lives.

The Daybreak campaign uses AT&T Lab’s latest technologies, liasing with the Lab’s Sanjay Macwan to bring its audience devices such as the HTC One X, the AT&T Translator and AT&T WatsonSM speech recognition programs. Daybreak also showcases Air Graffiti, an AT&T Lab prototype which with the use of GPS allows people to leave messages about specific locations.

David Lubars, BBDO North American Chairman and Creative Officer, tells Popsop “There have been all kinds of marriages between Hollywood and marketing—with the BMW Films, for instance, we used Hollywood directors and actors. But this [Daybreak] is different,”

As well as the online facility provided by the two dedicated Daybreak websites the series will also be posted on several other AT&T Hulu properties, including YouTube,, and AT&T’s U-verse (video on demand).

As described by Lubars, the concept is “designed to open new doors—it will empower users more as we get beyond the pilot episode.” In addition to the unraveling of an exciting story, this initiative allows fans to become interactive in a completely new and innovative way, gaining momentum as it grows.