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London’s Digital Shoreditch is a two week festival incorporating sessions about careers, identity, innovation, brands, capital and growth. Running from May 21st to June 1st 2012, this year’s was the second of its kind; the mission being to celebrate and inspire creative talent of East London and Tech City. The event provided those of a technical and entrepreneurial mind with networking and career opportunities in amongst the presentations and workshops available. Founder Kam Star setup the festival in order to offer a sustainable way for digital individuals to avoid the recession.

With the well-deserved accolade of London’s greatest ever digital and tech festival being proposed by critics and industry insiders, the growth in magnitude from 2011 to 2012’s event is slowly but surely moving Digital Shoreditch towards the aim of some to make it as big as South by South West. Career day is arguably one of the pivotal points of the festival, taking place at the beginning of this year’s experience, on May 23rd 2012. This is a day that offers revelers ways to improve their digital sector careers with mentoring seminars, CV advice and access to the industry’s foremost employers.

Taking place in The Big Top at Hackney House on Shoreditch High Street it played host to several leading players in digital employment, including Bloomberg, Unruly and LBi. Vitamin T invited attendees into the ‘Little Top’, providing them with access to senior executives from influential agencies such as OgilvyOne, Poke, LBi, Sapient, Nitro, Weapon7, Imagination, Essence, Native Design, Scoop and Spoon. One-to-one advice was also available for those looking to improve their CVs and social media skills, in addition to a valuable insight into the world of job hunting.


Summarizing their coverage of Digital Shoreditch’s Career Day, Vitamin T have posted a series of interviews with the inspirational creative leaders that attended the festival. As part of this series they spoke to Jason Cascarina, Creative Director of Weapon7. Asked why he was at Digital Shoreditch Cascarina explained to Vitamin T that he was “looking at the portfolios of new and upcoming creatives, passing on the experiences I’ve had and generally trying to be encouraging. Not that much encouragement was needed for the driven, talented people I got to meet.”

As Vitamin T’s goal is to ‘connect amazing digital creative talent with awesome mid-sized companies and ad agencies’ they certainly have a vested interested in making Career Day a success and in their own words it was “a wonderful and nurturing experience”. Emma Haslam from Red Market Media was one of the employers on board to provide festival go-ers with inside information, offering top tips to make your CV go to the top of the pile. One piece of advice offered was to “make sure your CV isn’t garish – plain black and white will do”.

For Jason Cascarina, his role at Weapon7 means that “as creative director, it’s my job to collaborate with a wider team to arrive at the strongest work.” It is clear that access to the knowledge and vision of creative leaders such as Cascarina is what made Career Day the stand-out success that it was; equipping attendees with the acumen needed to progress and be inspired within the world of digital employment. You can read more of the Vitamin T Shoreditch Interviews HERE.