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DIY is the latest project by internet entrepreneur Zach Klein. DIY is an innovative venture designed to enable children to showcase their creative work and publish it online in a safe and monitored environment. Says DIY, “We’ve all seen how kids can be like little MacGyvers. They’re able to take anything apart, recycle what you’ve thrown away – or if they’re Caine, build their own cardboard arcade. This is play, but it’s also creativity and it’s a valuable skill. Our idea is to encourage it by giving kids a place online to show it off, so family, friends and grandparents can see it and easily respond.

DIY kids build portfolios of these things they make in the real world. Along the way kids learn new skills, use technology constructively, and begin a lifelong adventure of curiosity, and it causes them to spend time offline, too. If you notice them doing something creative in the real world, remind them to share it on DIY, too!”

Zach Klein is the founder and co-designer of Vimeo. He edits a blog called Cabin Porn, and invests in start up businesses through The Founder Collective.

The concept behind DIY is to replace work being hung on the fridge or on walls at home and to embrace the fact that the Internet is an integral part of life at home and at school for children. DIY offers kids the chance to showcase their work with pride, and to share with parent, grandparents and friends.


Work can be uploaded via computer or smart phone app, with a dedicated parental control panel for mum and dad to add stickers to show support whilst monitoring the safety of their little ones online.

““Adults are driven by a variety of motivations – careers and influence – but distilled it’s just acceptance that we all seek. Kids’ needs reflect this. They instinctively create – isn’t that wild! – and they just want you to hang their work on the fridge and tell them ‘good job’ and they’re charged to do it again. Now the web is becoming a part of their life at home and school – and there’s a new opportunity to connect you to their creations and cheer them on,” says Klein (via Tech Cocktail).

“Education is malaised. We want to bounce our ideas off of a fresh generation. Plus, admire some traits that come more easily to kids than adults. They’re not as easily crippled by criticism. They’re instinctively scientists and explorers. They’re quick to build using anything at their disposal. They transform their amazement of the world into games. They’re often drawn to learning that’s indistinguishable from play (think about bug collecting!). And, most important, they embrace technology effortlessly.”


Tina Roth Eisemburg, AKA Swiss Miss said on her blog “As a mother of two, and creativity being a huge part of my work life, I couldn’t be more excited.”