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Moscow-based creative company FIRMA Agency have put their innovative spin on an iconic brand, introducing the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop design. The product range consists of 3 lollipops; BDSM, Fetish and Toys. As the name suggests it is a line made up entirely of sexually suggestive components, provoking controversy and captivation in equal measures. Intimate and erotic, FIRMA’s designs refresh and modernize the candy line, bringing Chupa Chups up to date with a bang.

FIRMA’s Chupa Chups concept began in 2008 and were showcased earlier this year at brand trade show Bread & Butter Berlin. Following on from the success of this FIRMA’s official advertising campaign for the 18+ Lollipop is to begin this Winter.

IMAGE-1-Sucker_all.jpgPhoto credit: FIRMA Agency

FIRMA have developed over the past 6 years, flourishing from design studio to independent agency, their work also includes; video production company FIRMA films, record label FIRMA Music and most recent project FIRMA Magazine. While FIRMA is situated mainly in Moscow the business’s presence can also be found in New York, London and Almaty where they have ever-expanding offices.

IMAGE-2-sucker_mrpain.jpgPhoto credit: FIRMA Agency

We spoke to Alex Malybaev, FIRMA Agency’s Creative Director and one of its main founders, to find out more about their enticing venture…

What inspired you to design the ‘Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop’?

We created our project Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop in 2008. It was some kind of experiment. We just understood that lollipops consumed not only by kids but also by adults. There is no doubt that lollipop is a bold erotic symbol that’s why we decided to have a look on it from this side — this is how our story begins.

How did you decide upon which design elements to use in this project?

Don’t you think that it would be too simple to create just a black lollipop or whisky-flavored lollipop for adults? So, we decided to add more provocation by using well-known forms of adult erotic toys.

Where do you think the lollipops will fit into the packaging market?

We are sure that you won’t find our lollipops in children’s stores, but what about fuel stations or supermarkets? And of course, sex shops are an obvious point of sale for our product.

Would you like the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop to provoke controversy?

Surely that 18+ lollipops gonna make a lot of buzz when we launch them on the market. Can’t wait. Confectionery for adults with covert sense is a new territory with big potential.

Are there plans for the lollipops to go into production soon?

YES! This is why we came up with SUCKERS and presented our test quantity at Bread & Butter Berlin 2012. That was an amazing period, everybody there were so interested and surprised that such kind of product really exists.

People took pictures and asked us a lot of questions about where they could find our product. We’ve already got several interesting proposals. We are gonna launch Suckers in Russia this winter and then globally after that.

IMAGE-3-sucker_pack-1.jpgPhoto credit: FIRMA Agency

The 18+ Lollipop is an exciting mission that is sure to revitalise a candy staple. When the ad campaign is launched, FIRMA’s audience will be offered an erogenous Chupa Chups candy encounter.

Let us know your thoughts on this quirky collaboration- where would YOU like to see the 18+ Lollipop on sale?

Visit FIRMA’s Facebook page HERE for more details.

IMAGE-4-sucker_abuse.jpgPhoto credit: FIRMA Agency