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Folio, a new app and website launches this year which “exists to make finding quality digital assets easier” for designers. Many designers often have a need for an easy way to find editable, quality graphics that can be used in their work. Folio is a cloud based marketplace set up to allow content creators in the creative industries (such as graphic designers, coders, audio engineers and business professionals) a platform to quickly sell the digital content they create and source the digital assets they need for use within their workflow.

“Folio is a lightweight marketplace for digital content, like an app store for digital goods,” (via Betabeat), “We’re looking for people to share and trade digital assets. Designers are regularly creating a lot of digital content–like Illustrator files or Photoshop documents–that go unused and they don’t monetize. In Folio, you can literally have something like that up for sale within 30 seconds.”


The site offers members a downloadable desktop app to enable the search of digital assets in a wide array of file types that designers use every day – PSD, EPS, AI, JPG, PNG, TIFF and PDF. Designers can upload files to sell to other designers, make file purchases, or act as both a vendor and a buyer.

The type of files available are editable graphics for web and print design projects such in the following categories: App, Audio, Fonts, Graphic Design, Icons, Illustration, Interface, iPhone, Logo, Mobile, Photography, Texture, Typography, and Vectors. According to the Folio blog, the team are “committed to upholding a high standard of quality by curating all files submitted and running them through a fine-tooth comb checking layers, lines and pixels so they meet and/or exceed our users expectations”, to ensure that all Folio buyers and sellers can be guaranteed a “pixel perfect digital asset”. All files submitted for sale are checked by the Folio team to ensure that layers, lines and pixels are organized, consistent, accurately named, clear, non-offensive and representative of design elegance.

Folio, is an Irish-run but New York-based start-up which developed from design community General Assembly. The company is co-founded by Cillian Kieran(CEO) and Simon Keane(CCO), with Eric Rafaloff working as Engineer. Kieran and Keane are the founders of global digital agency CKSK which boasts clients such as Heineken and Sony, and took a break from the agency to focus on Folio.

Kieran keeps a weblog which documents the process the Folio team have been going through as they start up the company, which he aims to keep as an evolving record of how the app develops as they recruit and build what the team envisage to be a global platform for digital assets in the design and development community.

The platform can be used either within your browser, or by downloading the client to your computer. Folio is currently providing talented designers with the platform for free for a year to get the system trialled and tested, but in the long term Folio will take a 30 percent cut of each sale, in a business model comparable to the iTunes store.

Amid the copyright issues that have dominated the conversations around other sites such as Pinterest and Megaupload, the team are applying appropriate safeguards to avoid copyright infringement; “The system is completely moderated and curated, so the quality of content is very high,” (via Betabeat) “Every piece of content is vetted by industry professionals for quality and is monitored to make sure nothing else in the system is similar or copied. We also will comply with MPAA rules and remove content immediately if [it wasn’t posted by] the original person, and anybody who uses or buys copyrighted content will be refunded.”