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Google has introduced the new Google Developers site ( in an attempt to create a new community of developers that can access a database of content all in one portal. They also plan to migrate into the same pool soon. The new concept was designed by: Instrument (notable clients such as NIKE, Obey and XBOX). Here’s what they had to say regarding the project on their recent case study:

“We took the previous brand, “Google Code,” and created a completely new mark, “Google Developers,” in order to unite the separate areas of development within Google, from resources and programs to events and tools. This evolution represents a new presence, one that encourages developers around the world to innovate under a singular, compelling identity.

Here’s a look at the new identity:





In crafting this logo, we brought together teams of designers and developers and had them iterate on what “open development” means in visual terms. This partnership helped us reach new ideas in visualizing the infinite potential of code. The resulting identities serve as a testament to the powerful teamwork of our agency and the unique cross-collaboration that comes when you combine art and science.”




The “Google Developers” logo is designed to fit in with Google’s family of products and to adapt easily to a broad range of applications—from simple avatars to HTML5 experiments to TV spots. The identity system extends further to a set of sub-brand marks for programs and events.

Case Study

The logo is a play off the open and close tags that you so often see in coding and in perfect harmony and balance with the Google Brand colors. The two shapes seem to come to life and almost seem to be talking to each other thanks to the perfectionist use of the drop shadows (in which one is actually upside down which you don’t see everyday)

Mike Winton, Director of Google Developer Relations blogged that he thinks this is a good move by Google by getting all of the developers under one umbrella of resources rather than forcing them to search for Google related resources with no centralized database.



Mike stated, “Last September we announced the Google+ API and introduced our Google Developers site as our planned new home for developer information. Since then, we’ve made steady progress in building – by migrating existing content from, and by adding new pages and features to the new site. Our goal with the Google Developers site is to bring together all developer resources, programs, events, tools, and community into one place.”

He also reminded us “ wasn’t built in a day (it’s been around for almost 7 years), and it will take some time to make the new Google Developers site at your single destination for all the resources we offer. But we’re working toward that goal every day. Soon, all our information will be on this new Google Developers site, and Google Code will return to its roots as an open source project hosting service.”