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Ever wanted to travel the world? Ever wanted to go to the Olympics? Read the story of a great opportunity for 100 creative types to experience both.

Creative Ambassadors

BT Group plc, the London based organizers of the upcoming 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games around London have been calling on designers, artists and writers who would be interested in creating imagery, stories, films etc. to tell the stories they encounter from the 2012 Games.

Selected designers and artists will have access to a series of one-off events where they can lend their insight and perspective to share with the world. They can meet other storytellers and ambassadors of the campaign. They will be organized to tackle various events and individuals, with a certain freedom to creatively express their view of the events and stories they find.


According to the young BT photographer , “We want to find people that can tell the story of the build up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – and the Games themselves – in the most fun, colourful, and diverse way possible. We hope that you will be inspired to tell your story, either by events happening in your life, locally, or nationally. Along the way, there will also be the chance for our storytellers to experience the excitement that’s already building around London 2012.”

The selected individuals will attend sporting and cultural events, and meet some of the people that are directly involved, from athletes to celebrities. The goal is to then showcase some of the work online and in the media to reach as wide an audience as possible.

At present 100 “storytellers” have been selected from across the creative world. Photographers, magazine editors, creative writers, musicians, video makers, performing artists and designers from all walks of life have been selected.

A Sterling Example

An initial blog report from one of the chosen BT Storyteller’s was very positive. She was selected in July, never imagining that she would one day be standing alongside the gold carpet at the BT Olympic Ball snapping photos of internationally renowned athletes, celebrities and Royalty!

Her first assignment was an exciting adrenaline pumping experience.

In her words “When 16:30 finally rolled around, I couldn’t wait any longer and I phoned my BT contact, Jasmine, to let her know that I had arrived. Then it was time to check in and get my accreditation. (It’s always a great feeling when they actually find your name on the list.) Name checked off, I received my wristband and lanyard and proceeded to the bullpen area.

The arrivals began about 6:00, with the arrival of Dai Greene Team GB 2012 Hopeful in the 400m hurdles. It continued for the next two hours, a steady stream of the nations best and brightest.

Not only did I get to take some fab photos of many of my favorite athletes, but I was also lucky enough to have my photo taken with some whom I respect the most, including the Brownlee Brothers (Alistair and Jonathan, (Team GB Triathletes), Ade Adepitan (Team GB Paralympian, Basketball) and Lee Pearson (Team GB Paralympian, Equestrian). What an honor!

My first assignment as a BT Storyteller was more than just a great day out, it was inspiring. It has shown me a whole new genre of photography and how accessible it can be with a bit of hard work. I was also inspired by the athletes themselves. Even in front of the lenses, both photo and video, they seemed to remain quite humble and willing to stop for the odd interview or quick snap before heading into the venue for a great night of entertainment, which lasted into the early hours.

This young photographer is making the most of her experience in the months leading up to the 2012 London Games. All graphic design interested individuals could benefit from keeping their eyes and ears open for exciting and creative out of the box opportunities that can broaden their perspective as artists.