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The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) design team have offered Creative Review an exclusive glimpse of the Olympic Park with an all-inclusive tour. Providing an opportunity to explore the installation of thousands of graphic elements, it is details such as these that encompass the look of the 2012 Games. The LOCOG, led by Chair Seb Coe and Chief Executive Paul Deighton, is responsible for organizing, preparing and staging the London 2012 Olympic Games.


There are 26 Olympic Sports and 20 Paralympic Sports and these events consist of 14,700 athletes, 21,000 media and 10.8 million ticket holders. Such facts and figures outline the enormity of the task set out for the LOCOG, who are also responsible for test events, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Torch Relays, the Inspire program and mascots. Their final role is within the London 2012 Festival, a program which marks the finale of the Games.

The LOCOG team is made up of 40 designers who are directed by head of look and feel Richard Hill and brand manager Maria Ramos. With what has been described as ‘One Look’ consistently emerging throughout the graphic effect of the 2012 Olympics, the team were tasked with producing around 250,000 items of design for the Games and the Paralympic Games. The importance of continuity is evident where even venues that are non-sporting have been given the ‘One Look’ branding.

The concept of ‘One Look’ was introduced by Wolf Olins who revealed the London 2012 logo in 2007. In turn this was then developed further by Futurebrand who led the project with global ECD
Shane Greeves and creative director Matt Buckhurst at the helm. The LOCOG design team alongside a team of 20 from Futurebrand have rolled this out to conform with the London ‘Look Book’, a theme that is characterized by the bold angular magenta wayfaring signs which are carried through into the venues.


Visitors will be met with the Stratford Gate when entering the Olympic Park, a large magenta angular construction created by Surface Architects which paves the way for the graphic language of London 2012 with even the Tube signage in magenta. This lettering is a combination of Gareth Hague’s 2012 font with the new typeface by Johnston TFL.

Other symbolic features include each venue having its own specific color with these color schemes being reflected in the tickets. In addition, every venue bears an image from London 1948.

As highlighted by Creative Review, “we were promised a brand and not just a logo, a comprehensive visual experience to an extent not seen in previous Games.” It is summarized “Futurebrand and LOCOG have delivered just that.”

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