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Last month was the first annual GreatGoogaMooga festival, a foodie’s paradise, or “theme park” of New York’s most renowned culinary creators. The festival included food from the biggest, most: Blue Ribbon, Craft, The Spotted Pig, Tia Pol, Luke’s Lobster, Porchetta, Frankies 457 Spuntino, Crif Dogs, etc. (Source)
There were also an abundance of live bands including The Roots and Hall & Oats as the headliners each day. I must say I’ve never been to a concert where so many people were looking down (eating, of course).

But the truth is, you’ve already read about all of the food, the music, the art, the registration mishaps, the refunds, and the long lines. Now it’s time to talk about the amazing Branding at the event and the hard working folks behind it. The festival, located in Park Slope Brooklyn, was organized by Superfly Presents and was branded by Dark Igloo. They created the identity for the festival that was then used for all facets of the marketing campaign. Aloompa developed the iPhone app that complemented the festival, and did the design of the app using Dark Igloo’s identity work.

We had the pleasure of attending the event and also catching up with Kerry Black, Co Founder and Head of Creative Services of Superfly Presents. Please enjoy the interview accompanied by our pictures of the identity work festival as well as branding screenshots and highlights. Our hats are off to all of the hard work on this beautifully branded, memorable project.


What was your creative process? What was the inspiration for the designs?

The inspiration was the storefronts, signs and design throughout New York City.


The UrBARN where the festival’s non-profit partner Just Food held its sustainable eating demos and CSA smackdown was designed by Pratt University students. Rockwell and Superfly held a design contest and chose the group that best met their goals of representing local food, farming and the urban environment. An iconic red, looked like a barn at the entrance and then transformed into a Manhattan skyline at the back.




The Beer tent was modeled after those of Oktoberfest and featured 27 breweries and 37 different beers as chosen by Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. It served Brooklyn Brewery’s Googa Doc Pomus.

The Wine Experience featured copper counter tops; Edison lantern lights and a rustic feel reminiscent of Wine Country where 150 wines were poured, as chosen by Paul Grieco and Peter Eastlake (Superfly’s Director of Wine Programming).


The GoogaMooga cake was 25 feet high and made by local sugar artist/designer Margaret Braun. It exploded to end the festivities on Sunday night! She created it at the Sugar in the Raw factory over the span of 3 months. It was crafted from bees wax, plaster, food coloring and in the raw sugar.


I know that David Rockwell is responsible for the architecture that was at GoogaMooga and that (Superfly’s own) Russ Bennett is responsible for many of the art installations including UrBarn and Hamaggedon.

Did Superfly Presents collaborate with them while branding the festival?

Yes, Superfly collaborated on all the pieces. Art is a very important part of the events that we do and we are always heavily involved in creating all facets of design work.

How much involvement was put into festival branding vs. website branding?

The festival website is a very important facet of our marketing so we actually spent a good amount of time taking the branding graphics and re-applying it for the website. We also worked with Dark Igloo to create specific graphics just for the website where needed.





Can you tell us more about the Lexus Billboard Project?

Lexus repurposes old billboards and used that material for the platforms the display vehicles were on and various give-always.




What was your biggest challenge during the design of the brand?

Definitely the logo. It is that first piece where we need to pin down the aesthetic that we are going for and make sure everyone is happy with it (or as close as possible). Once we have that initial look and feel, the rest is easier (though by no means easy).

What was the biggest reward?

Seeing it all come together at the event and watching people interact with the art. And of course the pig actually breathing fire.










Please let us know any more interesting information about the Branding of the festival:

A big part of the art on site was all the signage created by Steve Powers / ESPO, they did an amazing job. I may even get a tattoo of one of their Hamageddon designs. And a big thanks to Sculptor and Curator Charlie Smith the Chaplain of Sparseland for making the Hamageddon pig come to life.

we look forward to seeing your Hammageddon tattoo next time we speak! On behalf of thanks for yours and Superfly Present’s time and we look forward to many successful GreatGoogaMooga festivals in the future! Also,

Here’s a look at some more of the iPhone identity and UX work as well as some more event shots: