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Hybrid Design have created the new worldwide site for Nike’s business entity and subsidiaries. The new look creates a unified user experience by bringing corporate and media pages together in a single web portal. The agency designed and developed both the front and back end of the project for, giving an aesthetically engaging magazine style layout to the business orientated portal.

Hybrid Design is a San Francisco based integrated creative studio, and was founded in 2001 by Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn, both formerly in-house creatives at Nike’s Brand Design Group. The agency has a 15 year relationship with Nike as both in-house facility from the founders themselves and as part of the roster of creative agencies used by Nike. Hybrid Design specializes in branding, retail environments, advertising and interactive. Drimalas says of their longstanding client, “ you don’t have to be an athlete to design for Nike”. “Design is about telling a story. These stories just happen to be about sports.” (via Felt and Wire)

According to Graphic Design USA, who have indicated the company as one to watch for 2012, “Colliding logical and experimental creative ideation, Hybrid Design produces meaningful experiences that build long-term attachment and brand identification.” Co-founder Brian Flynn worked in-house for both Nike and Fossil Watches and has a love for chaos theory “his creative approach manifests the experimental side of Hybrid Design.” (via Dora Drimalas has embraced “a Swiss-grid approach to her creative work” and thus represents “the logical side of Hybrid Design.”

The agency is based on the premise to “create lasting, active relationships that change culture, behavior and communication.” (via Their mission statement on leadership clearly defines the aims of the agency; “Our founders, Brian Flynn and Dora Drimalas, believe that design touches every aspect of our lives. It wields powerful influence that guides people’s decisions. Design is the synthesis of inspiration, problem solving and expression by way of seamless execution. Classically called craft, we believe in it completely.” (via Hybrid Design).

The agency has a glittering client list including Apple, TED and Lucasfilm. They have undertaken many projects for Nike in their long-term working relationship, including the Little Orange book, National Soccer Team boxes, the press kit for Marion Jones, and collateral for the 2006 Nike Running Summit held in San Rafael, Cal. Each project is vastly different yet each hit the mark for the work in question. The art of storytelling is clear in their work as is their aim to take people on a journey; We believe good design is a powerful thing. Good design is founded on great ideas which create lasting, active relationships that change culture, behavior and communication. This is the art of creative storytelling.”.

The Nike Inc site uses intuitive tags for navigation, imaged-led pages and posts alongside social sharing abilities. Easily navigable galleries are offered alongside image and video download options in a clear and intuitive manner. The site is clean, editorial in feel and image led incorporating Nike’s many sub brands, categories and affiliate brands successfully and without clutter.

The team that worked on the Nike Inc site were:
Dora Drimalas, Creative Director
Ed O’Brien, Design Director
Jo Tran, Ed O’Brien, Dora Drimalas, Designers
Matt Maher, Lead Developer
Carly Fuller, Project Manager

Hybrid designed and developed the front and back end for, offering an engaging editorial style presentation, implementing intuitive tag based navigation and providing automated systems for users.