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ING DIRECT has been operating in Canada since 1997, and has paid more than $6 billion in interest to clients. They offer 24/7 banking, available over the phone, on the internet, and on mobile devices. (Press Release) ING Bank of Canada, operating under the trade name of ING DIRECT, was acquired by Scotiabank in 2012.

When ING Group decided to sell ING DIRECT to Scotiabank, the rules of the contract stated that they needed to give up the name “ING” and the trademark lion image by 2014. As a result, ING DIRECT announced that it will operate under the new name Tangerine, effective spring 2014.

Here is a look at the new logo:

1 ing before after

“Tangerine and the new visual identity exemplify everything ING DIRECT has represented since its start in Canada in 1997, specifically its continued focus on being an innovative and progressive alternative for Canadians who embrace forward banking and banking in a direct way,” said Peter Aceto, President and CEO of ING DIRECT. “We’re very excited about the new name because it reflects everything our clients love about us and what everyday banking can be: simple, flexible, accessible, progressive and innovative.” (Press Release)

There is not a lot of live branding as of yet but it doesn’t matter because the real winner here is the beautifully orange responsive website. Check out the minimal styling:

2 ing

Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca


Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca


Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca

The alternative bank worked with Concrete to create the new name and visual identity. They worked to create something relevant, innovative and unique. The new name and logo are designed to preserve what Canadians love most about ING DIRECT, while adding a fresh new take on the classic. In partnership with John St. Advertising and Lexicon, a new name was chosen to reflect their innovative approach to forward banking.

The new brand identity, designed by the internationally renowned independent design agency, Concrete, was the result of several months of research, exploration and collaboration. Tangerine is the result of a 12 month process where more than 10,000 Canadians, employees and clients were questioned through qualitative and quantitative research.

5 ing

Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca


Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca


Screenshots of the new site at Tangerine.Ca

The objective was to create a new name and logo that reinforce all the positive attributes that customers associate with the brand. It was also designed to transform perceptions of ING DIRECT from a small bank offering high-interest savings accounts to an everyday banking option that offers a continued focus on innovation. (Case Study)

When Tangerine launches next spring, they will still offer the same legendary customer service and banking products that customers have come to know and love. Over the next several years, the Bank also plans to develop new products and services to further its mission to simplify everyday banking. Anatol von Hahn, Scotiabank’s Group Head, Canadian Banking stated the following about the new name:

“Tangerine is a bold name for a bold business, and we look forward to supporting Tangerine as they grow and offer innovative solutions for customers.” (Press Release)