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They devote their time and attention to one project and grow to love each one, whether big or small, well-known or unknown.

Preliminary Designs

The custom typography is hard to miss. Dirks had the following to say about the eye-catching new type: “The final design all had to do with many, many hours of detailing. A well balanced curve is a very hard thing to create.”

While the final design was love at first sight for Waylon, there were some preliminary stages that led to the final polished product.

project Waylon 1


While the creative process felt very natural and went smoothly, the main challenge in the design was just sticking to the original vision: “Holding on to the best design result, I almost got lost in many versions with just very little differences. I wanted the perfect logo, yet the first one appeared to be the best.”

Dirks often finds it easiest to sketch a preliminary design in his head.
 He then draws it on the computer, and details it over time. As was the case with this design, the process can take many weeks or more to complete.

The Inspiration

Dirks attended about 30 of Waylon’s shows to get to know the music and the man better. As Dirks got to know Waylon backstage, he was able to gain greater insight into Waylon’s personality, world, and culture. This helped him create a logo that suited Waylon and his music. Waylon never saw anything prior to the final design, but his input during the original brainstorming process and talks after his shows were his indirect involvement.

project Waylon 2

Branded Merchandise – studiomfd

project Waylon 3

Branded Merchandise – studiomfd

According to studiomfd, the main design, including the curves and shapes of the letters, was “based upon a brainstorm with Waylon together with his manager and tour manager. Together, we just wrote words about Waylon, his style, his kind of music and stuff, like places in the world he finds inspiring, movies he likes, the type of car he drives, etc. 
All this information, together with related images I searched on the internet and photos Waylon sent me, were the main inspiration for the style of the letters. And defined its look and feel.”

project Waylon 6

Branding – studiomfd

project Waylon 7

Branding – studiomfd

Final Words of Wisdom

As always, travel and unique cultures also influenced Dirks’ work: “Travel is everything to me and next to design a mayor passion of life. It fuels my brain and ideas naturally come to me whilst being on a journey. To get deep inside (and outside) the shoes of my clients I prefer to follow them, which I see as a fruitful journey too.

Dirks left all aspiring and current graphic designers with some final pieces of sound advice: “Follow your heart and remember that your first idea might be the best, so stick to it! And travel to fuel your brain, inspiration is everywhere, consume it.”

Original Architectural Concept PDF

Definition of the Original Shapes PDF

We look forward to seeing more from Martijn Frank Dirks and studiomfd in the near future.