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The 8th edition of cutting edge design and creativity magazine It’s Nice That is now available for pre-order online. Issue #8 features interviews with John Pawson, graphic designer Paula Scher, and art collective Slavs and Tatars. Will Hudson founded It’s Nice That in April 2007 as “the perfect platform for him to record and document his love of the creative industry and desire to uncover new talent”. It’s Nice That is both a publishing platform on and offline, and a creative consultancy.


It’s Nice That was a widely read and respected design blog, building a following from 2007 until the very first printed edition was launched in 2009. The magazine was biannual at first and as the company and studio grew it has now become a quarterly publication. The magazine is the work of a team of seven and is designed to be a tangible, beautifully aesthetic product to serve as a pleasing offline break from the constant connection of our online lives; for those moments when you want to break away from staring at a screen and “you need something to read – beautifully designed with a range of articles and interviews concentrating on the most exciting creatives on Planet Earth.” (via


Nice31.jpg(work by O’Meara)

It’s Nice That Issue #8 has been designed by London-based graphic designer, type designer and art director Ray O’Meara, who is the founder of The Office of Optimism. His work is classically composed, contemporary and typographically focused, and he has been engaged to work on the new look of the magazine with the It’s Nice That team. The Office of Optimism “combines contemporary and traditional ideas of craftsmanship, simplicity and balance”, and is based in Bloomsbury, the heart of London’s publishing home.

Here in an interview O’Meara talks about Issue #8 and his work.

This issue also features a photographic visual essay on the Barbican Conservatory, a London-infused set of still lifes by Bompas and Parr, and writings on Michael Landy and the future of the exhibition space.

Available now for pre-order at £10.00.