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Jaymie was approached by Starbucks Canada recently, who asked her to design murals to be displayed across certain areas of Toronto. After seeing the designer’s work on, these striking images caught our eye.

We spoke to Jaymie, asking about her graphic design career so far and the story behind the Starbucks campaign…

At what point did you become interested in graphic design?

I got into graphic design in a sort of a round about way. In high school I was really involved with film and photography. I made a couple of short films that were screened at some major festivals, like TIFF and Sundance, and worked on a BBC film set.

After graduating, I moved across the country to attend an esteemed photography program at Sheridan College. After two semesters of photographing perfectly lit cereal boxes, I hightailed it out of there and moved to downtown Toronto to attend OCAD University. At OCAD I spent a semester in every one of their undergraduate art programs – photography, drawing and painting, integrated media, sculpture and installation.

Jaymie Image 1Starbucks Home Brew Typographic Mural | Photo Credit: Jaymie McAmmond

In each program I was looking for something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The last class of my buffet-style BFA was a first year graphic design class. After the first week of class, I absolutely knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer. Design offered me a structure in which to apply my creativity, which I now realize was something I had been searching for in all my creative pursuits. Shortly after that first design class had finished, my professor offered me a job in his studio and I enrolled to complete the rest of the design program.

Jaymie Image 2Starbucks Bean to Beverage Typographic Mural | Photo Credit: Jaymie McAmmond

Your Starbucks typographic murals are pretty spectacular; tell us how this project came about?

After a few years of freelancing for clients like McDonalds, Holt Renfrew and TIFF, I was approached by Starbucks to create a series of site-specific murals in Toronto. Given the high traffic and humidity inside the cafes we decided a digital approach was best suited for the environment. I then created several of these massive compositions, the largest being 10ft x 20ft. The murals were created using a hybrid of digital and analogue tools, including pencil, paper, chalk, charcoal, Illustrator, and Photoshop. When designing this type of mural I draw it all out on paper to determine content, hierarchy of information, composition, and typography. Finally, I redraw the illustrations and assemble the composition digitally.

Jaymie Image 3Starbucks Home Brew Typographic Mural | Photo Credit: Jaymie McAmmond

Jaymie Image 4Starbucks Espresso Guide Typographic Mural | Photo Credit: Jaymie McAmmond

Where did you gather the inspiration for this design?

Good question. Inspiration for these images came from all sorts of different places. The typography was certainty inspired by 1950/60s’s advertisements (probably from watching too much Mad Men). The illustrations were inspired by the wood and metal engraved illustrations found in old newspapers and farmers almanacs from the 1920’s. The overall composition of these pieces lends a nod to my fascination with the “cabinet of curiosities” which are filled with tiny disparate objects.

What will be your next creative challenge?

Adding more color back into my work again?! Just kidding. Along with developing and producing new work, my current big challenge is hiring and managing assistants. As I am discovering, it takes a whole other creative skill set to be a really great boss.

Jaymie Image 5Starbucks Roast Guide Typographic Mural | Photo Credit: Jaymie McAmmond

Jaymie’s creativity is evident when looking at her portfolio and the Starbucks collaboration discussed in this interview. The use of several digital and analogue tools within the murals provide a spectacular set of designs- they are guaranteed to make quite an impact on Toronto.

Here at we can’t wait to see Jaymie’s next project…

See more of Jaymie’s work HERE.