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Dugal realized Le Chasseur’s design dreams via his work for them creating its brand identity. Business cards, menus and a slick logo are just some of the components of this branding project. We spoke to Dugal, finding out about the designer himself, and his vision for Le Chasseur…

Tell us about your recent collaboration with ‘resto-bar’ Le Chasseur in Montreal, Quebec

Le Chasseur is the result of a great complicity between the owner, Mathieu Ménard and I. What is particularly interesting to me in this project is that I had the chance to participate right from the beginning to the development and design of this project. The entire team (the owner, the architect, the cook and I) have worked together and inspire each other to create Le Chasseur. So I was able, through many discussions, to design a brand filled with mysteries and legends surrounding the hunting world of Quebec.

Le Chasseur Resto-Bar
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal

What inspired the designs you created for Le Chasseur?

What gave me the guideline of Le Chasseur is simply the hunting world of Quebec. The warm colors, the rustic yet modern aspect, the crazy hunting stories…the myths and legends have given me a vast playground for the branding of Le Chasseur. With a character, called “The Hunter”, the animals and plants that surround him and the silly stories on coasters, the branding of the restaurant is, I may say, very versatile.

Were you happy with the final result?

I’m very proud of the result. I think the image is perfectly suited to the atmosphere of the restaurant. I like to think secretly that the huge success of the restaurant is a little bit because of me…

Le Chasseur Business Cards
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal

Which project that you’ve worked on has been the most rewarding?

The most highlight of my career is without a doubt the book ‘30 Passions in 30 Minutes’. This beautiful book, which is a limited edition of only 500 copies, is a manifesto for humanity in which thirty collaborators, coming from diverse backgrounds, talk about the place passion occupies in their lives. This project, that took nearly two years to emerge, is the result of a monumental work from everyone working at Tuxedo agency. Here is a list of some prizes the project has been awarded:

Grand Prize Grafika – Book (Complete Design)
Coupe Design Awards – 17th position in the best pieces of the year
Grand prize How Design Awards – Book (Complete design)

Le Chasseur Logo
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal

Are there any brands you would like to work with in the future?

I confess that I have a certain weakness for the world of restoration and hotels…what attracts me is that in general, those places are closed and controlled environments where the consumer’s experience is essential. Only the designer’s imagination is the real limit.

Le Chasseur Resto-Bar
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal

Dugal has created the ideal imagery for Le Chasseur, presenting a strong sense both of the restaurant’s values and of the history of its home, Quebec. The success of Le Chasseur can certainly be attributed largely to Dugal’s inspired involvement.

It is clear that the designer is passionate about his work: a vital component for the career of any successful creative.

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Histoires de Chasse
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal

Le Chasseur Menu
Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Dugal