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Jenny Craig a brand recognized all the way back to 1983. Jenny Craig and her husband Sidney started the weight loss and nutrition company offering customers diet programs that people could do at home as well as visit an office that they call their “In-Centre”.

Today, there are over 650 Jenny Craig locations worldwide. Consumer reports named the entire plan the number one diet in the world last year.

They have released a new logo and a new brand ambassador Mariah Carey in a recent rebranding effort to refresh their identity. Mariah Carey recently lost 30 pounds on the system according to their recent press release.


“Carlsbad, Calif. (November 9, 2011) — Jenny Craig, one of the world’s leading authorities on weight management, announced today an exciting new direction for the brand, and an enthusiastic new Brand Ambassador, Mariah Carey, who has lost 30 pounds* on Jenny.

No longer referred to as Jenny Craig, people everywhere will get to know Jenny on a first name basis. With a perky, fun attitude and an easy, refreshing approach to physical activity and weight loss, the new Jenny is sure to be unlike anything anyone’s seen before. And not only that, but the brand is more committed than ever to leading the charge to help America get healthy.

Ushering in the new era as Jenny’s new Brand Ambassador best-selling female artist of all time – Mariah Carey with more #1 singles than any solo artist in history, selling more than 200 million albums to date.”

Press Release

Although the new logo is now on a first name basis, the site still remains and as seen below “C R A I G” is written in an over kerned, generic capital font.


The previous logo stood the test of time still looking smooth and modern after three decades and now not only have they tarnished that but have introduced a conflicting new name. The new logo completely takes away from that strong brand making the J lowercase and taking the last name out.

The new logo is smooth and not bad, we’ve seen worse! The problem is, I’m afraid, that it is not as solid as the previous design and may be a lot more forgettable. I think instead of shortening the name the smarter thing would have been to update the current logo’s look and feel to a smoother font. Basically they should have taken the new look and written out the entire name. The new color even looks like a step backwards and not as easy on the eyes as the previous rich blue. To make matters worse for the refresh they introduced an odd hexagon “J” as their logo, but I did see them working this into a Zipper graphic on their site, which worked well. Another example of how Branding can save an icon is in the recent DC Comics Rebrand article.


On their side of Ambassador choice, I think this is where their strong suit currently lies. With a name like Mariah Carey on it I’m pretty sure any campaign will go viral. This one did, and very quickly. The ad campaign, just like the logo is nothing deep or complex bringing along with it the tagline “You Can Make It”. A tagline that is a little too dumbed down for today’s public.

Considering Mariah Carey was never overweight and The Jenny Craig logo didn’t really need that much improvement I think that this one falls a little short. Hopefully Mariah can carry the brand through this transition, I hope she Can Make It. The Verdict on this one: So-So