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Kid-In, a stylish and design-led online magazine on the childhood has recently launched.

The magazine is “a platform for the diverse perspectives of a wide range of international and local designers and photographers, artists and thinkers, focusing on the singular subject of childhood.” Founded by three artists who are parents themselves, the magazine is “a celebration: of the magical realism inherent in childhood, and of the surreal nature of its imaginative realm.”

Two of the founders originate from France. Born and raised in Paris, Alice Bertay’s childhood worldview “derived as much from the backs of her older brothers’ motorcycles as from their edifying recommended reading-lists of Deleuze and Baudrillard.” (via Kid-In) An actress turned costume designer she has traveled the world as a fashion stylist for commercials, editorials and music videos.

She says the site is “designed as a magazine as well as an art gallery” and that it is “embracing parents and non-parents-…” it is about childhood, and some sections by children: poetry and drawing, we have an art and craft section coming up for children, but we will also have some articles that may rethink your idea of children in today society and essays that are about the concepts of childhood, openness and creativity” (via pirouette blog)

Alice’s best friend and co-founder is Stéphanie Arpage who comes from the South of France, and came to New York in 2006. Growing up in the Lubéron she recalls herself in the family attic, “playing with trunks full of antique jewelry, high heel shoes and precious fabrics” (via Sté She moved to the trendy artisan area of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and now has a range of eponymous handbags, “an original collection dedicated to free-spirited, mysterious women, particularly demanding about their ways of leading their life.” She is mother to two sons, Camile and Mathis.

The third partner of Kid-in is Larissa Zaharuk, who is Managing Editor and writer. Zaharuk grew up in Toronto, Canada, and as a model had a traveling career which allowed her “to call every major European capital home” She writes for a range of print and digital magazines, and is mother to son Dante.

Says Bertay “This magazine so far is a real family affair; everyone that has contributed as photographer artist interviews etc, I have known for many years as both friends and colleagues. It seemed perfect that we would all work together on this as we have all grown together and gone through many of the same experiences.” (via Pirouetteblog)

Kid-In showcases incredibly impactful imagery and narrative, and sets itself apart from the overcrowded “kiddie” market with remarkable style and fashion-led design. The ethos of the collaborations also has a family approach.

“This magazine is a celebration: of the magical realism inherent in childhood, and of the surreal nature of its imaginative realm.”

Featured image via website