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Little voices have won a number of design awards and have worked for a variety of clients including a recent collaboration with Amy Wilde Photography. We spoke to Little Voices, finding out more about their design journey and this latest branding project…

How did your design studio Little Voices begin?

Little Voices consists primarily of myself and one other dual photographer/designer when necessary, but others have been called in for their expertise when needed. It primarily began, as a lot of creative spaces do, as an outlet for me to pursue projects away from the corporate industry and to experiment a little.

With the amount of great designers out there it’s a compliment every single time a potential client contacts me, but it’s also given me a lot of freedom to be selective about the clients I work with and projects that excite me. Also, being able to draw on and collaborate with other creative people always helps me pick up the pace and continue to challenge myself to create work that myself and the client are happy with.

What is your design philosophy?

I’m not sure if it’s a philosophy of mine or just an approach I consistently take, but I certainly believe that great design is both aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. But just as importantly I also believe that great design renders functionality to an idea.

Regardless of how big or small the client, every client I work with deserves the best possible solution for their needs that I can possibly provide, and communication is key to this. Like a lot of designers, I’m quite a perfectionist and for me this can often lead to a lot of late nights until I’m satisfied I’ve achieved this, but knowing that my finished work will reflect just as much on me and my abilities as the client is what motivates me during the creative process.

You recently completed the logo and branding for Amy Wilde Photography, tell us about the brief for this project?

I’ve always found working with photographers to be a great test of my skills, as they’re extremely visually motivated people and have a great sense of how things should appear. Working with Amy Wilde as an individual rather than with a business presented the challenge to ensure I could create an identity that would represent her as both a photographer and as person. The logo and overall branding was required to reflect her natural approach and the craftsmanship associated with photography, but to also remain neutral and subtle in order to allow the photos to tell their stories.

AmyWilde_Image_09Image Courtesy of Little Voices Studio

AmyWilde BusCardsPres 05Image Courtesy of Little Voices Studio

What was your favorite part of the final result?

Creating the perception of authenticity and linking her personal involvement with her photos was a large part of what her identity would require. The final logo, a relatively minimal but vintage inspired single colour crest captured these elements. I particularly liked the simple black-on-white colour scheme, as the client and myself were concerned that using colour would push her as a photographer into a certain field, when she wanted to remain accessible and appeal to a vast range of demographics.

AmyWilde_LogoPres_04Image Courtesy of Little Voices Studio

AmyWilde_LHPresImage Courtesy of Little Voices Studio

AmyWilde_Stationery_PresImage Courtesy of Little Voices Studio

Who would be your dream creative client?

So far I’ve had many great experiences with clients who appreciate the value of great design and what it can do for them, I would certainly call them dream clients and always look forward to repeat work. In terms of specific organisations and fields I would love to work with groups that are aligned with environmental, animal and human rights issues. These are causes I strongly support and remain considerate of in my work through stock and ink selection, through to the content of the material. As design is all about communication, I’d like to be able to contribute to their causes by assisting them to reach wider audiences and hopefully bring them further towards their goals.

Little Voices have clear design values and a firm appreciation of the importance communication holds in a creative context. The work they have done for Amy Wilde Photography highlights this, and is a fantastic example of the brilliant logo and branding projects they produce.

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