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Using Kickstarter to raise support for their campaign, Lockstep need to raise sufficient funds before Wednesday September 4th in order to go ahead with the ads.

An array of positive messages make up the design mission including “Say I Love You”, “Enjoy The Park” and “Grow The Good”. Here at we were intrigued to find out more about this innovative initative, putting our questions to Lockstep studio…

“Say I Love You” is an innovative take on the world of advertising- where did you get the idea from?

I got the idea as a big “what if” one day when I was thinking about all of the messages that we encounter on a daily basis in the form of advertising, especially in NYC. I’m not saying that all advertising is out and out wrong.

There is a time and a place for it, but, as I see it, it’s far too unbalanced in the favor of consumerism at this time in our society. So then it hit me, “what if somebody ran an ad campaign that was selling literally nothing, and only sending messages of love to the viewer?”

Say I Love You final ad layout | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

What is the main message you want to deliver through these ads?

The main messages I wish to deliver are those that you can see at face value on the ads, namely “Say I love you,” “Enjoy the park,” “Grow the good,” and “First do no harm.” But my hope is that, in taking these recommendations to heart, the viewers of the messages will be able to achieve a level of fulfillment and increased happiness by just doing and enjoying the little (and completely free!) things in life rather than trying to buy happiness by getting that new car, or that beer, or that new dress or that skin cream or what have you.

Ad mock-up | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

First, Do No Harm postcard mock-up | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

Have you faced many challenges throughout the production process?

Honestly no, not really, yet. Still have a little way to go before it comes to fruition, but the only real challenge I’ve had so far is just finding the time to get all the little components of the campaign done in between all of the other life stuff that’s going on.

Who are you hoping to reach with this project?

Primarily NYC subway commuters, standing on the platform waiting on their train. Secondarily, the good people of the interwebs who come across the campaign whether here on or on or or wherever the idea pops up online.

Enjoy The Park poster mock-up | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

Grow The Good final ad layout | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

What do you think the campaign will achieve?

I think people will initially be confused, because they’ll see this ad, and wonder who is trying to sell them something, but they won’t be able to find out, because no one is trying to sell them anything. There will be no branding on the ad. Hopefully this confusion will lead to curiosity, “what is that ad really about?” and from there, to contemplation, “what does ‘grow the good’ mean? how can i do that myself?” I think if we can encourage people to think in this way, then perhaps we can begin to have a shift in our public address paradigm altogether.

Say I Love You final ad layout | Photo Credit: Lockstep Studio

“Say I Love You” is an ad campaign that offers consumers an alternative environment, one which is selling nothing but inspiring words. The concept underlines the relationship between design and vision, with the vision here being happiness. As highlighted by Lockstep, this project attempts to “send positive messages to the community and nothing more”.

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