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1. Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin invented his own art style which he calls ‘Optical Illusionism’. He explains on his website “Optical Illusionism is a combination of drawing and photography. He creates drawings that come to life when photographed from the exact right angle”. Below are some examples of his work but you can see much more on DeniantArt and Instagram.

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JJK Airbrush ( Ramon Bruin )
A custom drawing for the anniversary of Lee & Amanda


Green Real Estate by JJKAirbrush (Ramon Bruin)

2. Vimal Chandran

Chandran is a visual artist and illustrator. His illustrations are outstanding and on his website you will see a section called “unposted letters”. Chandran explains in a blog post “Lots of people are asking me to upload the work in progress images of Unposted Letters…I usually start with an idea and make some quick sketches of how to execute it in a simple way”. Below are a couple of sketches but it’s well worth taking a look at his website.

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3. Jared Muralt

Swiss illustrator Jared Muralt has some simply amazing pencil sketches which can all be seen on both his Behance profile and on Instagram. According to his website he is mainly a self-taught artist and since co-founding Blackyard studio the agency, in 2009, has been awarded the Bern’s Advancement Award for Design.




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4. Ramotion Inc.
They are a mobile app design and development company and one of their offerings other than building applications is the actual design of the app icons. I came across their selection of pencil sketches for app icons and illustrations on

Ramation_Inc.1 copy

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ramation_Inc.2 copy

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Ramation_Inc3 copy

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Ramation_Inc4 copy

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Which of these do you like best and why? Please feel free to comment below and if there are other pencil drawings that you think are outstanding then feel free to share with us.