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Blazingly fast, the Fox doesn’t play by the rules. It is everywhere you need it to be—a force for good that powers your mobile world, ignites your imagination, protects you and your identity, and supercharges your life. Lively, swift, and agile, the Fox puts freedom in your hands. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, attendees from the world’s largest mobile companies will experience first hand what Firefox OS brings to the world and spend time with The Fox.

Last night, we made announcements at our press conference with more mobile partners from around the world regarding their commitment and plans to roll-out devices in 2013, as well as the first devices and content you will see in the market. (Press Release)


Here’s a look at the case study from Wolf Olins regarding the branding and design:

Last night at the Mobile World Congress kickoff in Barcelona, Mozilla unveiled some new news about Firefox OS. In addition to showcasing demo experiences, they also debuted the new brand platform and expression, which we’ve been working on with them since last summer.

Based on the idea that Firefox OS is a catalyst for individual and collective progress, the new identity reinforces that the brand is going to new places and spaces by literally unleashing the Fox, symbolizing the freedom that more people will have to take advantage of the full power of the web.

Encouraging city dwellers to “Blaze Your Own Path”, which I interpret to “Ditch the iPhone” | Image

The stunning branding displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona | Image

The visual expression is based on the principles of being bold and dynamic yet simple and straightforward with a friendly, human spirit. These same principles guide the brand and product messaging and reflect the overall experience upon which Firefox OS is built.


With the world gone mobile, Wolff Olins is happy to have played a role in helping Firefox create an operating system brand that isn’t restricted by current technology ecosystems and empowers people everywhere to blaze their own trails, amplify their voices and transform the future.

Here are shots of the phone:



Here are shots of the interface:

Incoming Call on Firefox Mobile OS | Image

Home Screen on Firefox Mobile OS | Image

Messages on Firefox Mobile OS | Image