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The brand is currently being brought to life by the NCOT during its summer integrated marketing campaign across various multi-media platforms including a new website, new travel app and new advertising.

Efforts will focus on adults ages 25 – 54 who are interested in active vacations, as well as young families. (Press Release)

Designed by Y&R, a culture driven marketing company, the new logo is all caps and bold. The only thing that remains from the previous design is the iconic accent mark over the A in the middle. The refresh is much more readable and recognizable.

The new Travel Nevada downloadable app (which currently says coming soon) will provide a unique tool to discover the state. Users will be able to explore businesses and attractions that match interest and geographical location, with suggestions tailored to an individual user’s interests. Users also will be able to collect these locations and build custom itineraries.

In addition, users can access other user itineraries amidst a robust environment for peer-to-peer sharing. In the areas of Nevada that are off the grid/without cellular service, the Travel Nevada app will feature an offline mode where users can access key information and functionality.



The TV Commercial spot is highlighted by a song from Las Vegas-based rock band, The Killers with a contemporary recording of the cowboy classic “Don’t Fence Me In.” Through lyrics that showcase the active experiences travelers can find in Nevada, an exciting, fun-filled vacation is conveyed. The ad flight will begin April 15 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix.

While the video has a great vibe I think it’s the downside to this rebrand. I was thrown off because the people in the video sing along. I realize this is to instill a sense of unity amongst the people of Nevada, but it seems a lot of trouble to hire The Killers for your video and have everyone sing in monotone over it while doing adventurous activities making it impossible to sing. To be honest the result sounds horrible and is hard to listen to, I think they would have been better off leaving them to lip-syncing.

All of NCOT’s social properties, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have also been properly updated to align with the new brand. Sample ads based on the brand and tagline were tested by both in-state and out-of-state audiences during December 2012. The results of the testing were influential in development of the final ad creative and accompanying ad flight.

Brand development is a unique challenge and we look forward to working with all state agencies to convey a collective voice to key audiences,” said NCOT Director Claudia Vecchio. “Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages each day. Ensuring a clear, compelling brand message is essential for our success.”

Beginning immediately, state agencies including the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Department of Education, the Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation and the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs will begin to integrate the brand and its associated tagline into websites and collateral materials. (Press Release)

The gorgeous new offers subtle effects such as the star on the map moving as the home slider moves speaking to a clean, user friendly website. In addition, the website assists visitors in crafting their own vacations, exploring content to shape the details of their trip planning, and finding and sharing ideas within social media channels. In addition, users will more easily be able to link to tourism industry partner sites for information, deals and bookings.

Overall, I think this rebrand is very successful and produces a new warm welcome for the state. It’s vibrant, colorful and has a personality like it’s a new or old friend sitting there waiting for you in sunny Nevada.