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After seeing a virtual demo of some of the top new features in Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign® we’re happy to share the highlights of what Creative Cloud’s 1.4 million members have to look forward to.

Photoshop CC

3D Printing: Arguably the most exciting of the new features that were announced was the introduction of 3D printing into Photoshop. Describing it as the “First time 3D printing is being delivered through a mainstream tool…” Andy Lauta, Product Manager, explained how he envisioned creatives using Photoshop’s new 3D capability as a “finishing tool” in the 3D printing process to “implement without needing to worry about the backend complexity of printing.”

Lauta went on to explain how with 3D printing in Photoshop, what designers see on screen is what comes out on their printer bed and creatives can avoid the time and overhead of fixing models to get them print ready. Lauta said, “There is an inherent complexity in translating what’s modeled on screen to match model produced on print bed, what we do is recast the model in a proprietary format that allows us to reproduce the model.”

This new capability means that designers will be able to easily output print ready files for a local printer (i.e. Makerbot) or online service (i.e. Shapeways) as well as share 3D work on Behance via Sketchfab. Major file formats Collada DAE, Flash 3D, Google Earth KMZ, STL, and Wavefront OBJ are all supported. While potential applications abound possible use cases include product prototypes used for concept selling, ornaments and toys, jewelry design and animated films.

shapeways sandstone fc setup

Perspective Warp: Addressing one of the most frequent graphic design challenges the perspective warp feature in Photoshop makes it easier to composite images with different angles, perspectives and lighting seamlessly with a few steps. In the example below perspective warp is used to composite the train and railroad tracks to appear as one image.

ps cc jan perspective warp 552x364

Linked Smart Objects: Another new Photoshop feature sure to become an essential part of your daily design process are linked smart objects. A linked smart object is linked to the actual illustrator file so in addition to being editable it will update across your workflow. Update an object once and those changes will be reflected across multiple documents—from the company brochure to the website.


update all

Illustrator CC

Live Corners: A highly requested Illustrator feature, live corners allows for more precision when editing/modifying corners. Each corner has it’s own handles so that corners can be treated separately or together.

All-New Pencil Tool: Terry White summed it up nicely during the demo, saying, “Drawing just became more fun inside of illustrator.” Pencil tool users who may have found that sometimes the pencil tool fidelity would be almost too precise, can now set it to account for a shaky hand and create a smoother shape/curve with less points. Users can now also draw straight lines with the pencil tool instead of switching to the pen tool. There’s also the ability to refine paths: right on the object.

InDesign CC

Simplified Hyperlink Management: Hyperlink management, creation and editing in InDesign are now easier. Hyperlinks with character styles already applied can be made on the fly with a right-click and easily edited in the panel. InDesign now also monitors whether or not a hyperlink is valid. Invalid hyperlinks are flagged in the hyperlink menu.

Goodbye to Missing Fonts: Resolving missing fonts has been made easier with a new connection to Typekit that searches the Typekit desktop library of fonts to resolve missing font issues.

EPUB Enhancements: InDesign now takes greater advantage of EPUB 3.0 features. Footnotes can be added as a pop up attached to content. Text handling is improved and there is better support for Japanese and Middle Eastern languages.


Typekit: Last but not least, Typekit gives Creative Cloud members access to over 900 desktop fonts from within Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as well as any other desktop application.

In addition to the new features Jane Brady, Group Product Marketing Manager for Creative Cloud, announced that 30 day trials would be re-set, so that “anyone who has tried Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Muse since May 2012, will be able to go try those products again.” She went on to add that “100’s of learning videos and tutorials are available in Creative Cloud.” So, Creative Cloud members can easily learn a new skill and get the most out of the new features.

What do you think of the new features? Leave a comment and let us know.