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A new magazine has been launched that focuses on the human side of designers who create online interfaces. Offscreen, which is designed to be collectible, is the brainchild of German-born, Melbourne-based web designer Kai Brach. The project was initially put on creative funding site Kickstarter but unfortunately didn’t meet its funding goal. Luckily Kai didn’t let that stop him from bringing the first issue to life.

The first issue contains a whole host of interviews with well-known creative names such as Hannah Donovan, Ryan Singer, Drew Wilson and Dan Cederholm, as well as plenty of essays, features and profiles. The publication looks to put a face behind the digital industry, poking its nose in to designers lives both inside and outside of work – their personal stories, their aspirations and their work spaces.

In an interview with .net, Brach said “the magazine wants to show the faces of digital products: the people behind the websites and apps we use every day; how they work and live; their stories. We want to show the personal side of bits and pixels and go beyond a typical ‘about’ section of a website.”

Brach, a freelance designer who has been working with the web since he was 19, took a two month hiatus from his work in 2011 to go travelling. Before leaving, he wrote about how tired he was becoming of the web industry and how it had “completely lost touch of reality”. During those two months away, the idea of Offscreen was born. The magazine has proved popular, with readers tweeting about their excitement and about the high-quality of the magazine’s production. Talking about the paradox of having a print magazine for digital, Brach said “I think the name says it all – the magazine wants you to take a break and get away from the screen. Most of us are glued to screens and gadgets all day, reading stuff that’s limited to ‘x’ characters, in just enough time before another message arrives. Opening a magazine like Offscreen is an experience that triggers enough senses to make you stop in your tracks for a moment.”

The magazine will be published three to four times a year, and is available to buy from the Offscreen website and selected suppliers.