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Ask any design firm what the most tedious aspects of their daily routines are- you’ll probably be surprised by the answer. Although a few will complain about dealing with customers, creating cool InfoGraphics, or even last-minute project changes; their major frustration has always been within the realm of time management. Things like holding creative sessions, gaining approval from clients and starting new projects all take up a considerable amount of time and money.  Up until recently, these types of setbacks were completely unavoidable.  Today graphic design firms are significantly improving the efficiency of the internal and external collaboration processes with new online storage and collaboration tools.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

For those who do not understand how this technology works, online storage or cloud storage essentially means to move all of a company’s business files into an online network environment where documents, images, and thoughts can be shared freely. Since everything is stored in cyberspace, the business becomes mobile and the employees can literally work together and communicate far more effectively from anywhere in the world that has available Internet access. Clients and vendors can then be added into the mix and tasks like payroll, billing, and inventory control all become simplified as well.

Cloud Solutions for Graphic Designers

Online storage services have actually benefited graphic design firms more than the average business sector because so much of our daily work routine is based around creative team efforts.   Take a relatively simple project like designing a restaurant menu, for example, and think about all the checkpoints necessary before a finished product can be delivered.  Logos are designed, fonts are determined, the colors and layouts are shuffled, and all of this work requires approval from another department (and eventually the client) before the project can head out to the printer.   Now all departments  and customers can retrieve, review, comment and make changes in real time.
Those who embrace this technology almost immediately see-

  • Drastically enhanced communication between employees, customers, and departments
  • Instant file sharing with clients or anyone who requires access
  • The ability to easily work with remote employees
  • Minimized downtime waiting on approvals
  • Brainstorming sessions that are more efficient and productive

The Future of Online Collaboration

While each benefit of online collaboration by itself is not necessarily game changing, together they make quite a powerful array of tools for just about any type of business in today’s world. Graphic designers are among the first industry to make the move “into the cloud” because it simply makes sense for the tech-savvy professionals to lead the charge, and now that this technology is time-tested and cost-effective there are few reasons not to make the switch.

For more information on choosing an online collaboration suite or finding out what type of storage needs your design firm requires, check out’s brand new free cloud utility Storage Advisor Pro.  It analyzes company hard drives and uses the results to pair businesses with the perfect cloud solution for their needs.