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Design agency Pentagram have created the new logo and identity for the International Design Alliance Congress, merging together silhouettes of six continents to create a new form.

The IDA Congress takes place every two years, and the 2013 event will take place in Istanbul, Turkey. The concept of the new identity is around the idea of “an artistic restructuring of Pangaea”, the theory of an “entire earth” where, millions of years ago, all the world’s continents existed as a single land mass. Pangea stems from the Greek for “all lands”.

The final graphic is created from silhouettes of all the inhabited continents from which members and its partner organizations originate. The premise is that future host cities will be able to customize and adapt the shape to showcase ‘the unique attributes and culture of the host city’. (via Design Week). The IDA states, ‘The strong shape of the new logo provides a visual anchor for the key text elements – the host city name, the year and theme – which can incorporate both Roman and non-Roman alphabets to reflect both the visual and verbal language of the congress location.’ (via IDA).

The biennial IDA Congress is a major event in the calendar for designers and stakeholders of design in the format of a summit. The IDA Congress aims to “bring together the unified voice of designers around the world in a themed framework to advance the vision and mission of the IDA, by exploring and realizing the benefits of design in a variety of fields with a stake in design”. The fields with a stake in design include government, INGOs, business, science, technology, education and social sciences. The IDA was founded in 2003, and is a “strategic venture between international organizations representing design.” The IDA was founded by Icsid and Icograda in September 2003.

Pentagram purports to be “the world’s largest independent design consultancy”, and is owned and run by 16 partners, all leaders and experts in their individual fields of creative specialism. They have offices in London, New York, Berlin, and Austin, and their work spans architecture, product and interior design, marketing collateral for print and online, and a range of work in between. They believe that “great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, which is demonstrated by a portfolio of work that spans five decades.” Pentagram partner Michael Beirut has recently published the latest edition of 79 Short Essays on Design.