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The Phoenix Suns have officially revealed new logos that improve the franchise’s look while concentrating on the team’s logo history and retaining visual elements that honor the club’s long-standing legacy and success. The Suns’ primary logo changes for the first time in 13 years (2000) and only the fourth time in franchise history. A basketball sunburst over the stacked words “Phoenix Suns,” the new logo features a black backdrop and a simplified basketball similar to the one used by the team from 1992-2000.

The Suns have also updated the popular “PHX” bird logo, with slight variations to the one originally introduced by the team in 2000. The new version features modernized flames, uplifted wings, and a basketball consistent with the one featured in the primary logo. (Press Release)

Additionally, a new “S” logo combines the club’s past and present by incorporating the sunburst from the team’s primary logo to create a simple mark perfect for merchandise and digital applications. The new logo will only be used when accompanied by another logo or design, as shown on the two t-shirts below. In addition, the “S” will be included as an accent logo on new Suns uniforms scheduled to be unveiled later this summer. (Press Release)

Finally, the “SUNS” word mark, featured on the team’s new court last season became an accent logo. The ambigram, unique among NBA teams, is featured at center court where it can be easily identified by fans sitting anywhere in US Airways Center. (Press Release)

“We are thrilled to roll out new logos which enhance the Suns brand and create an energetic feel that fans can get excited about,” said Suns’ president, Jason Rowley. “The new look embraces the rich history and success of our organization, while offering our fans an update that was long overdue.

Over 45 years of Suns basketball, the sunburst (in several forms) has always conveyed warmth (pun intended), comfort and familiarity. Still, perhaps more significantly, each variation has inspired different forms of connectivity with fans – equally impactful, none more important than another.

The original Suns logo with the Western-stylized font takes you back to the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Gar Heard’s shot in the 1976 NBA Finals comes to mind along with Tom Chambers’ infamous rim-shattering dunk over Mark Jackson at the Madhouse on McDowell.

During the ‘90s, the shooting sunburst was synonymous with what countless Suns fans affectionately refer to as the Charles Barkley years. Indeed, many will never forget how blissfully the sunburst clashed with the Chicago Bulls’ red and white in the 1993 NBA Finals.

More recently, the rising “PHX” bird logo is undoubtedly attached with the renowned Suns teams in the mid to late 2000s featuring the “Seven Seconds or Less” style of play. (Press Release)

As has been the case in recent years, the team’s primary color will remain orange, with purple, black and gray rounding out the color palette of the latest brand update. The team will use multiple versions of each logo, including options highlighting purple and black.

“Orange has resonated well with our fans in recent years,” Rowley continued. “And while orange remains our most emphasized color, purple is synonymous with our legacy of success and is here to stay.”

A limited selection of merchandise featuring each of the new Suns’ logos is available at (Press Release / Logo Timeline)