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In our poll article that was published a couple of weeks ago, Design Competitions: To Join or Not to Join?, we were discussing design competitions and tried to discover what design students and professionals thought of design competitions. This article defined design competitions as either local or international design challenges that help to measure the talent and skills of the participants by means of judging their artwork by a professional board of jury. Many design students and professional designers are eager to join these design competitions.

And when we asked our readers if they were really interested in joining this challenge, we noticed that most of the readers were interested in joining these contests. 82% of the readers responded positively when we asked if they were interested in joining design competitions, while only 18% of the readers did not show interest in joining them. The advantages and disadvantages of participating in design competitions vary according to the design requirements and level of professionalism. For example, a design student may have different reasons for entering a competition than a professional designer.

In the article we tried to discuss the different reasons for joining design competitions, such as proving ones talent, seeking professional recognition and enriching ones resume. When we asked our readers which aspect could make them join a design contest, the results varied a lot. 55% of the readers pointed out professional recognition as the primary reason for joining design competitions. 36% of the readers would like to join design competitions in order to improve their resumes and add more value and experience to them through gaining awards in different competitions.

On the other hand, only 9% of the readers would join design competitions to prove their talent. While we didn’t expect such low percentage, it seems like the majority of the readers would consider joining competitions to gain professional recognition (and to help them find their next graphic design job!). Although there are many advantages of joining design competitions, many designers see some disadvantages in joining these contests. Many professional designers, who are already involved in design projects or are busy, find that design competitions are a waste of time and they prefer to spend time on more profitable projects.

Other designers think that design competitions are an idea burnout, because designers spend a lot of time and effort brainstorming different ideas to reach a suitable idea to submit in a contest, and this idea burnout may affect their regular and profitable work. Many design competitions require you to pay fees in order to submit artworks; these can either be paid per artwork idea submission or by just signing up for the contest. We asked our readers what they thought about paying fees to submit their work to design competitions, and the results were that 67% of the readers would not consider paying in order to join a design contest, while 33% of the readers said it was fine to pay submission fees in order to enter a design contest.

This result means that many designers find it risky and prefer to join the contests that do not require submission fees. In this poll, we tried to discover the designers’ opinion about design competitions and the advantages and disadvantages that they saw in these contests. Many designers interacted very positively with the poll and their answers are considered a representative sample of the rest of the designers around the world. If you did not get the chance to participate in the design competition poll article, you can still share with us your experience and your ideas about these contests by adding your opinion in the comments section below. It will help us to learn more about what other designers think of these design challenges.