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A few weeks ago I wrote an article and posted a poll about following up after an interview and… the results are in!

A whopping 88% of those polled believed that they should follow up an interview with a thank you note or email. Which is a number we were happy to hear. Because of the experience at our talent agency, the response to that poll question hovers right around 100%. (In other words, we think it’s a great idea)

Even though writing thank you notes may seem like an antiquated practice (conjuring up images of post-birthday missives to grandparents, aunts, and uncles), we believe they provide an essential human connection between you and the interviewer. One that could make the difference between you and the other candidates vying for your dream graphic design job.

The “Thank You” note is essentially another way to pitch yourself again for the position, an opportunity you may not get again (with this particular person, anyway). You can show the interviewer that you really listened to what they had to say and, if they mentioned issues they’re currently experiencing, share solutions that you can provide to help resolve them.

And if you’re better at composing a carefully thought out (but still concise) letter than coming up with quick, off-the-cuff answers during a stressful, nerve-racking interview, then this is the perfect forum for you.

We all work in the world of persuasion, so don’t forget to use those skills when trying to sell yourself for a great position.

As far as the poll question, “If you don’t hear back from a company, how many times should you try reaching out before giving up?”, we were once again happy that 84% of respondents agreed that “Twice” was probably enough.

What we weren’t quite sure of, however, was what to do with those 8% who voted that “There’s no limit (except a restraining order).”

Frankly that percentage worries us.