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From here he went on to study at the graduate school within the Art Institute of Chicago. It was at this point that Kim recognized his love of design, mainly due to it being a “wonderful marriage of both the traditional and the creative”.

We asked Henry Hongmin Kim to tell us more about himself, and the work of Pyrrha Studio …


What is the ethos behind Pyrrha Studio?

Design is everything.

Graphic design is an analytical and structural process for creating the most effective and advanced form of communication, visual communication. Our creativity comes from an in-depth understanding of the communication process; using ontology, semiotics, linguistics, epistemology and structuralism.

Pyrrha Studio promotes a synergy between critical visual thinking and practical problem-solving for industry. We find creative solutions for complex problems, thinking both conceptually and practically. We understand the implications of modern cultural and social issues, and want to contribute to the greater good via design.

Tell us about your recent collaboration with Japanese restaurant Nikko; when did this venture begin?

We were contacted by architecture firm Inarch Inc. in Atlanta, who were in charge of building the restaurant. It is a 7,000 sf stand alone building on a 1.66 acre site. They asked us to join them as design consultants for the entire project. We worked with Inarch on both the overall theme and the general aesthetics. We designed environmental graphics and restaurant branding, including stationery, gift cards, uniform, website, signage and menus. The entire project took 7 months.

Nikko by Pyrrha

How would you best describe the design inspiration for Nikko?

Project Title : Nikko, The Restaurant of Sunlight.
Client : Nikko, Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse.

Design Brief
· Tyron, GA is one of the wealthiest towns in south Atlanta but it does not have a strong Japanese/Asian cultural community. We therefore tried to visualize the traditional Japanese aesthetics in a contemporary style.
· Nikko means “sunlight” in Japanese. The symbol is the sun with a cherry blossom shadow.
· Asian calligraphic wordmark in contemporary style.
· Raw materials including concrete texture, chip board and screen printing quality were used as our main aesthetic inspirations.
· Minimalistic symbols of fish were created for each category of dishes and those were then used in menus, posters and interiors.

Main Menu + Lunch Menu
· Main menu and lunch menu were combined into one flippable dual sides book.
· Both sides of cover were screen printed on book board.
· Content was printed on textured paper.

Takeout Menu
· 11″x17″ paper folded into 5.5″x8.5″ size.
· All graphics and symbols were created to visualize the contemporary yet exotic atmosphere of the restaurant.

Nikko by Pyrrha

Were you pleased with the end result?

We were very pleased with the result. The client felt that our design reflected their identity and philosophy very well. Customers were pleased by the contemporary yet humanistic and exotic environment. It was one of our most successful projects and this outcome was achieved through good communication and collaboration between the design team, architecture firm and the client.

Which design project has been your favorite so far?

We love to work with non-profit organizations. We believe that visual communication is one of the most efficient ways of communication. As graphic designers we are professionals who help people to communicate with each other. Projects for non-profit organizations always help us to remain aware of how important our role is and of how many people need our help.

We love working with people who have a clear social vision, and enjoy helping them to communicate these messages within society..Better communication means less conflict. Less conflict means world peace!

Most recently we worked with CPACS, Center for Pan Asian Community Center of Greater Atlanta on their new identity. The project has been recognized in many ways and it has even brought us other commercial clients who loved what we did for CPACS.

Regardless of financial incentive, when we do something that we truly believe in, it always pay us back in a way we never expected.

Nikko by Pyrrha

It is clear Pyrrha have a strong manifesto, with Kim outlining that “design in the 21st century needs to be different”. The notion of communication certainly radiates through, from Pyrrha’s work ethic as well as their designs.

Kim’s parting words are that it is “possible to design information in a singular, expressive way without forgoing the design’s purpose”. Undoubtedly, this is a graphic design studio with the utmost passion for their craft, and its ongoing evolution.

Pyrrha, Other Works-YM Wedding

Pyrrha, Other Works-YM Wedding

Pyrrha, processtypography_acts